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Hi, I’m Michelle King,

a Kids Mindfulness Teacher, Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Primary School Teacher, one time kids - YA book blogger, full time mama bear.

I used hypnotherapy, Mindset, and lavender essential oil to help me overcome a fear of flying which started me on my learning journey. I can now teach you how to harness your mind and use nature’s chemicals to help you step into your hero’s journey. Helping you overcome fears, growth mindset, confidence, mindfulness meditation - using mindset tools and essential oils.

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Upcoming Essential Oil Classes
replenish your bowl

Workshops Ideal for green cleaning, emotional aromatherapy, teacher wellness, corporate wellbeing, school health, and family selfcare.


Holistic Life Coach
Mindset work to upgrade your life

Using an array of wellness tools; I help you get clear in your time of big change. Be it - fertility journey, a new business, loss, empty nest, rebranding, learning to sell.

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