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Read all about our organic and vegan crystal-infused ingredients. 

What if you could tap into the power of nature and live your best life?

Fleet and Flower has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an Irish and international palate we blend organic oils from around the world to create:

  • harmonious artisan and
  • purposeful perfume oil
  • bombastic base notes of mystic trees
  • leading to a head of fruity floral top notes
  • transformative wellness oils
  • harnessing nature for your convenience

Artisan Perfume Oil:

Make your life more comfortable with Fleet and Flower's perfume oils; nature at laser focus to help you achieve the same. 


  • Vegan, potent, Cruelty-free, all organic

  • Safe, natural, high performing

  • Crystal infused


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                                                              NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT 

Florist Forest - organic Irish CBD artisan perfume oil

  • A new, luxiourious, and unique high performing perfume
  • Embrace the feminine (Florist) and masculine (forest)
  • Irish grown organic safe, natural, and legal CBD oil
  • Infused and blended for six months with organic essential oils





Release date:

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How Fleet and Flower was started


Fleet +


Overcoming a fear of flying released me into cultivating a high-flying life

Copenhagen airport, March 2016, dawn. I'm shyly messing, blending, opening, essential oil bottles and mixing with an orange tinted moisturiser on my pulse points; florist in a forest. I need to buy an organic, potent oil blend that's already blended, but can't find one.

Eyes slowly rise up, blushing suns bounce off a fleet of airplanes. Stomach flutters. No one sees me : my panic rising. Yawn stifled. Headphones pushed further into my ears, my guided meditation vibrates through me.

Grit and a mind-set change seep into me.  Oils waft about me. Meditation words usher me to accept this. "I am flying, I am scared and that's OK." Mantras soon become Bible. And I, a beliver.

I used Mother Earth's tools and Vedic ways to overcome a severe fear of flying. Now I feel I can do anything. So I made a cool potent perfume oil.A smudge stick for the soul.  No more mixing, drinking, messing or pouring on; Fleet + Flower did that for you already.  Now go to your gate, business meeting, school gate, presentation, smile, roll on some Fleet and Flower organic perfume oil, and enjoy your journey.

                        Welcome to Fleet and Flower: wellness on the go. Michelle x 

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