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                                                                           Once upon a time, in the Golden Vale, County Tipperary,  there lived a family, the Moloneys' of Carron. Their farm had a rather unusual ancient fort on it. And this was no ordinary fort but an ancient man-made lake with a tiny spiral building beside it. A sweat house. They thought ancestors built it to have good skin and clear lungs but they were wrong. Very wrong.

Two men from the government turned up one day to build it up and protect it. This was a place of metaphysical importance. Turns out people had used this tiny building to light fires of wood, herbs and flowers to alter their physical state to reach a higher mental state and alter their consciousness.

Michelle grew up on this farm and looking onto this structure daily was inspirational.  Now, Fleet and Flower, uses herbs and flowers for meditation / perfume oils and to sell courses and other products which help awaken you on a metaphysical / spiritual plane. 

What you see here is the stuff of love, lore and science.

No, seriously.

Michelle x

Ireland's onlye roller ball organic vegan cruelty free healing perfume, niche accessories - plugs, tunnels, ear stretching, Magick Prism Oil for dressing a candle with intent spell work

Fleet and Flower is a digital native business working with nature's finest ingredients. Michelle Moloney King is a  primary school teacher with a undergrad in computer science and a love for storytelling. She used to be a book blogger and fancied herself as a writer but now she tells stories with as an artisan perfumer and crafter making meditation / perfume oil. Fleet and Flower's first product, Rêveurs, (Reveurs) was inspired by The Night Circus. 

 We love the balance of online and nature, of metaphysical and commerce.

You can buy our organic mediation perfume oil, or courses, and other products that align with our organic and beneficial products through our shop, open 24/7, operating all the way from The Golden Vale, Tipperary, Ireland.


If you have any questions please contact us at Hello@FleetAndFlower.com


organic vegan cruelty free hand blended essential oil perfume, healing perfume, stainless steel, ear stretching, plugs, tunnels, gold, eyelets, copper crowns, copper bracelets, healing copper, helps repetitive  strain disorder
Rêveurs;a potent perfume oil smudge stick for the soul©

Rêveurs;a potent perfume oil smudge stick for the soul©

                                                                            We know you will love our hand blended 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, crystal infused perfume oil;

 Rêveurs;a potent perfume oil smudge stick for the soul©


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