Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy


This course is a National Ayurvedic Medical Association PACE program that will show you how to fully experience this amazing "Science of Life" that is Ayurveda.

Paced over 10 days you will be learning all about what makes Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy so special, and most importantly how to use and apply the practices & principles we’ll introduce right away.

Jacky Rae, is the co-founder of Yoga Veda Institute. She’ll be your loving coach & personal mentor along with their team of amazing professionals who will be sharing this journey with you. Inside the program you'll find our teaching team of experts in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Pre & Post natal, Children's therapies and even Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy for addiction and Vedic Astrology experts.

As part of this course you’ll receive this certified training, workbooks, support from our expert mentors, and coaching with me to propel you forward in your newfound practice.

This is an amazing experience for you to really start to up level your teachings and your practice. 

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