The blog as you knew it is being reimagined….into an eBook. I had written over 60,000 words of wellness tips, personal stories, aromatherapy tips, hypnotherapy info, mindfulness hacks…and after attending the Work it Out workshop I accepted their challenge of creating an eBook.

I will have the blog back here again but with a small summary of each blog topic with a button to where you can buy the book.

I love blogging and will be sharing personal stories here on business, momhood and wellness while writing more eBooks. I feel the age of free content is gone, good quality content imbued with personal reflection is worth an energy exchange.

Google demands of us to feed it SEO happy keywords and I for one am done. Most of the clicks I got here were from people who know me, or heard of me.

It is about the personal touch. I will still be sharing that here and via my personal insta.


Michelle x