20 tips to combat fear of flying if flying out tomorrow and need help ASAP

I used to be grand. Flying was no bother to me. But after a month of teaching practice, working, a long distance relationship, late nights studying for a post grad, and a lot of coffee I suddenly felt like I wanted to rip open the door of the aeroplane mid-flight.

I did a lot of research and put it to the test and here are some tips that worked for me short term. If you are flying out soon and need help asap then read away. But remember you need to do some long term work.

I will have more post to follow (seeing as it was this fear of flying that lead me to start my own business making organic essential oil perfume) I turned my fear into a business. You can read all about it on my about us page or even our press pack.

As Joseph Campbell said, 'The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.'

For better results then start a lifestyle change; the sooner the better. But if you have left this to the last moment then here ya go.


Some tips if you are flying out and need some fast advice

1. No energy drinks, tea or coffee the day you fly or the day before. 

2. Drink a lot of water. Depending on your weight and exercise you need about 2 to 3 litres of water a day. Sup it on the way o the airport. Just make sure to not drink any for at least 3 hours before so you won't have to use the toilets on the plane.)

3. Get a Bach Rescue Remedy (try airport pharmacy or Boots) and put a drop or two into your water. This stuff is great.

4. Use flower essential oils. I used lavender essential oil, slathered it on and it worked. That blooming marvellous stuff worked better form me than 7 tabs of Valium.

5. Exercise - do some push ups, a yoga stance, lift heavy things. Get your blood moving and breath deep.

6. Breath deeply. Deeper. Concentrate on one thing at a time.

7. Wear super comfortable clothes

8. Tie your hair up. Neat short nails. Moisturise your skin. Wear no or very little makeup. Keep everything simple. Keep your body comfy and your skin happy.

9. Pack light so your luggage is no bother to you. Don't have too many bags, scarfs, carry-on, bottles of water, headphone leads hanging off you. Keep everything simple. Wireless big headphones to listen to your mediation track.

10. Pay for priority boarding. 

11. Smile at your fellow travellers you are all in this together. 

12. Don't be stressed about other people's children making a racket. View it as a distraction. In fact PRAY that the boldest kids sit behind you and kick your seat the entire journey because this will distract you.

13. Distraction is GOOD. Examine what everyone is wearing and critique it, kindly. Watch people's body language. Listen to conversations. Distract yourself from your fearful thoughts.

14. Tell your fearful thoughts to, 'SHUT UP. I love you but I am in charge and I am going to be fine.' Repeat a mantra - I am calm. I am in control. If all of these people can fly then so can I.

15. Think of your end destination and all the fun you are going to have there. Print info about the place and read it on the plane. Look at Insta pics of the place. Distract yourself.

16. Have a glass or two of wine before you go o your gate if you are in a situation to do so.

17. Download a meditation and listen to it on repeat the night before you travel and while waiting at the gate and on the plane. (Obvs don't listen to mediation track if driving or need your wits about you.)

18. Oh my Gwad get a travel eye mask. and wear it around your neck  at the gate, and as soon as you sit down slid it down. And DO NOT TAKE IT OFF. If your fear gets too bad then lie to yourself and say you are still on the ground. If you need to use the toilet then put your hair in your face and squint your eyes on your walk to the toilet.

19. If the person wants o talk to you do NOT TAKE he eye mask off. Chat away, only if you want to. But whatever you do - DO NOT TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE FREAKED OUT as they will laugh and say - sure ya are grand. So, don't complain and don't explain. (Maybe tell he air steward if you need help)

20. If you don't want to talk to the person beside you then don't. The only person you need to take care of here is you. Set that intention as soon as you can - I am only going to take care of myself. I will listen to my gut. I will suit myself.


I now make an organic essential oil in organic jojoba oil perfume. It's made with 20% concentration organic essential oils - that's pretty potent. I made it because all essential oils are made from flowers, trees, bark, seeds fruit, whatever they are highly concentrated and organic is best at such concentration of the distillation process. It's in a cool packaging. It's inspired by The Night Circus and it's calming, uplifting, like smelling the face of the goddess after she walked through a forest and a sea of roses. Find out about the ingredients in the about us - ingredient section on top navigation bar. If you want to shop it then click the link above.

Happy travels, oh and did you know that if you are smiling your body cannot feel fear. So SMILE. SMILE. SMILE while travelling!


I am not a qualified psychologist but I have dealt with a fear of flying for years. If you need help then seek a professional. This post is educational.