How feminism is renewing an interest in spiritual / holistic businesses

You cannot open a magazine these days without learning more about chakras, mindfulness, heck even Ireland's most traditional magazine, Woman's Way, has pages about Witchcraft. (Which I think is pretty deadly, I mean who doesn't love a good earth based practice?)

Everyone is turning to nature + personal + divine power for guidance and solace.

Even Vogue has forecast The Tarot being a "hit" on the runway in the coming seasons. Expect to see more tarot inspired 70s prints. 


But why this interest in spirituality in the age of Aquarius?

I cannot answer that with certainty, humanity has always been driven to soul search. Historically, we looked to the stars, made them our gods and sacrificed offerings to please them. We wanted to mean something and get something in return.

Even the Cave Man, eager to  been seen to have existed, left his mark of a painted hand in caves. We exist therefore we question why. Sure, the Aquarius age has created souls hungry and searching for a deeper meaning and connection. But this need has always been there, it is as ancient as our need to breathe and as new and exciting as a self-driving car.


We are lucky that we have social media, we are sharing our cave paintings with the world and that sets us resonating. Spirit work has become normalised with constant exposure through social media of people sharing about meditation, yoga, reiki, or mindfulness. It's become normal for us to mention mediation in a conversation about work or school or lifestyle or how well Tipp is playing in the GAA. It is becoming more acceptable to have a cottage industry based on the more spiritual / holistic elements of life. Our focus has tilted and this new visage leads us to the East (yoga, Kundalini, meditation, mindfulness, mudras, mantras) and our past (earth based religion or appriciating nature.

How is the New Age influencing society?

It's become cool to be a nerd who's into soul work. While technology has helped us it first cut us off from our real community and introduced us to a virtual community. That, coupled with a fast paced work life and no balanced lead us to open up via the safety of the keyboard to search and surf our way into the arms of searching (Googleing) for happiness.


But how is feminism renewing an interest in spiritual / holistic businesses

No longer can we turn to church or state for help on an emotional level. We are still finding out the truth of their "help" - search 'Tuam Babies.' We still need that emotional, spiritual lift so so we now turn inwards. But to turn inwards you need a combination of personal power, nature power, and divine power.

With the power of the internet, research, and access to further learning is at our fingertips. Women no longer need turn to the man in the white coat, or indeed, the man in a black suit, when we can tap into our life giving divine energy and be our own white coat and black suit. Also, energy healing can have a lower entry threshold making it more accessible for people to gain qualification and set up a spiritual business. (Just wait and see my Kundalini Reiki Meditation Master course that we will be offering on the site soon.)

People are seeing results hence the drive to set up their own business. Also, women now understand that it is OK to charge for emotional work. In the past we just gave it away; mainly as this was considered the norm and the male right. Now we take charge, get qualification, and get the money honey!

Women are more empowered to seek employment and are accepted for being caregivers in a feminist movement. We can work full time in or out of the home and both are seen as equal. This facilitates women to seek part time employment while being caregivers, if they wish, which leads to more energy workers thus normalising it further. We can be stay at home moms and create our own business by becoming a Reiki Master and charge for the healing sessions rather than stay at home and make tea for the in-laws and clean "himselfs" clothes. I grew up in rural Ireland and witnessed male privilege; this is what drives me to want more and to be in a position to provide employment via hiring people at Fleet and Flower or using my teaching and holistic qualifications to created courses enabling people to start their own business.

It is so important to know what you want. Focus on that. I want to be a spiritual / holistic business cause it works, I love it, and I can help people.

What do you want?



Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day! I took this pic in Dundrum shopping mall, Dublin before we popped into Moss Cottage for some Kate Spade goodies.