The Chakra is in your hands!

Years ago people would walk into a room and say, "god bless all here." Nowadays we sneak in, bow the head and give a quick, "hi," and shake hands. Some may think we've lost our divinity but we have not. There is life force energy/divinity in our hands.

What are the chakras in my hand?

There are 7 chakras located in palms- one in the middle of the palm, one in the wrist point and other 5 in each finger and thumb.

How and why to use you hand chakras

You can use the ones in the centre of my palms when I am practicing Reiki. Or indeed, shaking hands or making essential oil based perfume / medition oil,  or copper jewlelery.


Left hand

The left hand chakra centre reviews healing energy. Have you ever been at a concert listening to powerful enough music and felt compeled to raise your left hand up palm facing towards the band? That's your intuition wanting to receive healing energy.

Right hand chakra

The right hand palm centre gives healing energy. So to sooth someone you may find yourself patting them with your right hand.


How to cleanse and charge your hand chakras

As an energy worker, in some shape manner or form we are all energy workers, it is important to keep your palm chakras balanced. You can clear and charge my chakras daily as part of your spiritual practice by washing while holding the intention of cleaned and charged, holding palms to sun for a moment, using essential oil. This in turn aids your physical health.


Energy / Chi balls

You can use energy balls as a way to keep them activate, balance, and use them in your energy work ie daily life! To make an energy ball just pretend there is a ball in your palm and keep passing it between your palms. Clapping and running your hands is another good way to cleans and charge them.