Get all the health benefits of smoking weed legally through CBD oil

Organic CBD grown in Ireland

 Fleet and Flower has expanded. It was always the plan. But we were never sure on the product until we found CBD. What happened was I saw The Happy Pear boys drinking CBD tea on Snapchat. I researched it and found that not only had it all of these amazing health benefits but it was also completely legal. ANd there was someone making it in Ireland. Organic CBD. 

Why vape though?

Well, If you buy the CBD oil you need to blend it before you can use it. Fleet and Flower is all about convenience, being able to use organic that is grown in Ireland. How could we not resist stocking it in our online shop.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil

According to Ben Green Field Fitness

If you are stressed then CBD can help you as CBD acts as an agonist on the 5-HT1A receptor and this is how CBD actually works as an antidepressant with anti-anxiety and neuroprotective effects.

It also serves as what is called an “allosteric modulator” of your opioid receptors, which is how it works to remove pain and reduce the effects of chronic inflammation. Other positive medical effects of CBD (there's over 60 of them, if you care to read up on them here) are due to increased intracellular calcium release and agonism of another receptor called the PPAR-γ receptor.

Here's another interesting fact for you: CBD has really strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, due primarily to its effects on your adenosine receptors and cytochrome P-450 and 2C enzymes

It's also nearly impossible to overdose on CBD. Kind of like water, dark chocolate, and steamed kale, it has an unusually low level of toxicity. In the last 6,000 years, CBD hasn’t killed anyone via overdose all it does it hlep.

How could we not champion this oil?