Bibi Baskin and Organic Perfume

BiBi Baskin and Fleet and Flower

I remember watching her on the telly and loving her presence. In the 80s she was authentic and fun, no Pollyanna.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a PM from her onto my Fleet and Flower Facebook page. Wow! THis was a few years back when I had first set up Fleet and Flower.

Fear of Flying and Doing Teaching Practice

Let me set the stage, I was finishing my primary teaching postgrad, on a plan and freaked out for no reason. I went to my sound doctor and got hard duty drugs…they did not work. Not even in the slightest. I went back to my doctor and he said…you took enough to tranquilize a horse…so no more! He then suggest I try to connect the dots and find out alternative ways to help myself.

No better woman. Of course I left it to the last moment to Google - How to Overcome a Fear of Flying in Two Days!

Lavender essential oils and hypnotherapy.

I didn’t believe it but had no options. I bought an audio and lavender and guess what…..I was GRAND! Well, as grand as I could be. There was a lot more to it than that. Will set aside a proper section on how I did it. Oh and a proper audio coming to the shop soon.

Naming my Business

(As a note to the start ups I am guiding at the moment - to name your business you overcome something - a major pain point, and then become an expert in that area and share how your overcame it. You name your business on the overcoming not the fear)

I named my business Fleet - looking out on the fleet of airplanes at Copenhagen airport, and the fleet of wellness mindset tools I had used, and Flower for the bottle of lavender.

Bringing a Product to Market in Europe

So, I brought an organic essential oil perfume to market. Hired the cosmetic chemist and everything, did the whole EU Portal thing….and that is when Bibi reached out.

She was well into wellness and so I popped a roller ball in the post. Giving the package to the post office was gas as everyone working there gasped at the name on the envelope. Gas, like!

Well, guys! I still sell essential oil only now I can sell thousands and thousands of bottles if I want, I have a community to help and advice customers, I do workshops for my customers, and get to have a ball with my mindset coaching work and doTERRA essential oils work too.

Anyway, here is the link to Bibi’s blog post. She is a lady.

To learn more about oils why not click onto my webinar - An Intro to OIls. It’s a Zoom link, private, not live, won’t be shared, and you won’t appear on the screen. See events page.

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