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Yup! I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation today. It was so normal. Not at all like images I had built up in my head. THe people involved are so normal and nice that it was a refile and a shock.

I had images of The Beatles initiation - long robes, hippie length hair. But this was just marvelous as we got straight to the point of TM.

What happens in TM stays in TM

No, honestly, so I can't tell you any more only that I have four more sessions. I have my mantra - which I shall never deluge. 

I am glad that I have some some reading on Wiccan or earth based rituals and that I do Sanskrit mantras as that did prepare me for the ritual of the initiation. It wasn't anything new - which it might have been if you have never witnessed the alternative before. 

But, so far so good. I've been meditating on and off since I was 11 and Transcendental Meditation is my jam. It is effortless. Whereas all other types of meditation required effort. That - or I was teaching myself. Having a private session with a Transcendental Meditation teacher is the ultimate learning experience energywise. 

Transcendental Meditation is expensive, but I like that. Money is energy. And it is an energy transfer. Me paying that amount lets me know how much it means to me and how serious I am about it. I like that it is over 5 consecutive days, there are monthly meetups, and there are sever retreats here in Ireland. 

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. 

Laters, I'm off to vape some CBD. (blog post soon on vaping and e-cigs and CBD benefits and why I vaporise...)

Michelle X