Digital Marketing - How to Market your Online Shop

Fleet and Flower is about harnessing the power of nature and using the medium of the internet to connect to our fleet and sell them our flowers.

I love being in nature and I love the blueish glow of a computer screen, they are opposites and yet they compliment each other if you use them with an objective and critical eye. I have an honours degree in computers (my final year project was in web design), I have financial reporting experience from hard time spent in the I.F.S.C., and I have a post grad in primary school teaching (where I still spend most of my time teaching teachers computer programming) So I DIG technology and I actually dig in nature. LOLS!

So, here is an academic essay about digital marketing. I did this as part of a start your own business course. I hope it helps you on your start your own business journey. But remember it is YOU who still has to DO THE WORK. ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! 


What are the unique characteristics of the web as a marketing medium?

The boundless opportunity to: reach, acquire, and retain a targeted audience of online users, and measure conversions are the key characteristics of the web from a marketing perspective. 


Two characteristics of the web as a marketing medium:

1.      Reach: ‘As of 2012; 81 per cent of people living in Ireland now have access to the internet at home.’ (Hennessy, 2012) Which is an almost 20% increase since 2010.

2.      Measure: Conversions can be measured with free tools like Google Analytics. Ads, landing pages, shopping carts and site can be analysed and then adapted to better reach their goal of conversions.


What are the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing practice?

  • Digital marketing levels the pitch on which business is played. (as a small artisan business there is no way I could have set up Fleet and Flower if I didn't know/research/learn how to use digital marketing)
  • Traditional marketing used the media and print industry to advertise and then sit and wait for the customer. Making it about buying ad space hoping you got the targets right and not being able to measure accurately.

Digital marketing changed all that telling the customer what to think, want, and buy. Now websites and social media campaigns can go to the customers. Making it about targeted engagement, and conversions; which are measurable. And, also, digital marketing makes it about the customer. It's a way of reaching out and genuinely engaging and listening to your customers. It's a two way conversation; if people are talking about wanting 100% organic cosmetics online then give it to them. Do not green-wash your current products because customers now have the keyboard to research you - be real, authentic, organic, and be the best.

Two of factors that differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing practice

  1. Targeting customers
  2. Analytics.

Facebook allows you to target ads down to personal specifics of its user’s profiles. An advanced search in Twitter can give you location and term specific results. Remarketing allows you to follow website viewers around the web advertising your site’s banner. Using keywords you can populate your content with term specifics, ensuring that you appear on the first SERP.

Analytics allow you to define your goals and then watch the track bounce rates, CTRs, social shares, site popularity, all of which help you to tailor and optimise your site to reach your goals. ‘Analysing is your Key Performance Indicators are met can means you can measure your success or failure and plan accordingly.’  (Patel)

Most importantly, you have got to DO THE WORK. And put research, thinking, and reading into ACTION! No one else can start your business for you (unless you pay them a lot of money) but YOU.

That's it for now, folks. Make sure to follow us online, join our newsletter, and sure why not not check out our shop. 

More to come! Now you've got to do the work; more research, reading, making, marketing, social media-ing, learning about website. DO THE WORK. (Me included! I've got essential oils to blend, perfumes to smell, copper crowns to make and a shop to market)

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