Digital Marketing Strategies for your Online Shop and Blog

Guys! I never told you, I use to be a book blogger.I'm still a blogger at heart and so I continue with my HOW TO BLOG / BUSINESS type stuff. 

Why bother to blog?

Fleet and Flower makes organic, vegan, cruelty free, nasty stuff free, flower and tree based perfume, and we sell some other cool stuff too but we are a digital native brand. That means this blog is our shop front, our water cooler, our press release, and our front room for our visitors - you.  *waves*

Our stuff is only available to buy in our little corner of the internet. And so, I blog. And you maybe you shop or follow us. Who knows?

I also blog to share behind the scenes. I blog to share information I've learnt about the perfume industry, cruelty-free cosmetics, consumer choices, inspiration, business help, fear of flying help . And I blog because I bloody love writing in a conversational tone. So yeah, I did learn tons about digital marketing when doing my Start Your Own Business courses. And OMG did I do a lot of courses but I am still a human and I like writing to reach other humans. 



I was once a reader of blogs, then a blogger and now I run my own business. Learning about digital marketing, no matter how manipulating it (digital marketing) can appear, helped me see that it's a marketing revolution where a small timer like me can reach you and listen to you to make your products. Digital marketing is the greatest leveller of all.

So here is the second part of my digital marketing essay that what I done for a course, my son.*Said in the voice of Del Boy.*


Digital marketing strategies and how they can be integrated with traditional marketing

‘Being digital is a process of improving marketing.’ (Satell, Forbes, 2013)There are many strategies:

  1. email marketing,
  2. SEO,
  3. PPC,
  4. landing pages,
  5. blogging,
  6. podcasting,
  7. video-casting,
  8. videos,
  9. social media,
  10. Google hangouts.

 A level of expertise is needed with all as it is not advisable to set and forget. A policy of use is needed for each medium. This policy needs to answer: content, engagement, voice, and frequency. Most of these platforms are free but where a budget may be needed is in outsourcing services or getting adequate training in content creation.

The main consideration here is time. It takes time to create content, engage online, analyse metrics, keyword and SEO research and share content. Having a calendar of scheduled content creation and sharing is advisable. Setting time aside each day to engage, create and measure is needed.


How digital marketing strategies can be integrated with traditional marketing methods

Integration can be achieved by using traditional marketing to ‘generate broad awareness and drive consumers to the digital experience.’ (Kates, 2013)

1.      Add a digital call to action on traditional media ads.

2.      QR codes printed in traditional media, when scanned it leads the customer to a website.

3.      Like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Pin us printed on trad media; can encourage the customer to opt in and digital can follow up.

4.      Twitter for customer care alongside a helpdesk number.

5.      Coupons can be printed from a site and used in store.


An outline of the stages of digital marketing campaigns

Research needs to be undertaken on the market situation, competitors, finding your USP (heart and soul of your business), best web presence for you, content creation, profile of your customer, customer process/experience of site, stage at marketing funnel.

Most importantly, you have got to DO THE WORK. And put research, thinking, and reading into ACTION! No one else can start your business for you (unless you pay them a lot of money) but YOU.

Here is part one - Digital Marketing - How to market your Online Shop  and here is one on How to set up an eCommerce Business.