Dilute your Oils - Not Your Personality and Drive

Learn about who you are and become passionate about that.

How many times in life have you diluted who you are to stay small around others? You are not doing them any favours by playing small, in the long run.

Sure, in the short term you allow that person to keep you down as your growth is making them feel freaked out. If you change; then they have to change. That is how us, as a social society, works - whatever you do has a direct influence on what I do. If you go to Bowes & Co in Cashel for your vegan breakfast, which is fab - not on the menu so ask for it, then I am going to want to eat in Bowes & Co for brunch too.

In the short term we stay small to keep those around us happy; but there’s no growth, no expansion and nothing new. How can that make ANYBODY happy?

How about this -

You accept the fact that you are changing and refuse to hide it.

How about you commit to your new beliefs:

of wanting more

of helping others

of meeting new people and selling and working

And all of this belief leads to action; leads to more action which leads to results.

Self-doubt and family, friends not supporting your business / growth?

Yeah, of course you may be constantly questioning yourself. Maybe your family and friends will be smirking in the sideline or maybe they will question you or pass jellyfish compliments (a nice statement about you but with major shade - like; nice outfit, great to see a dress like that fits you.)

Or maybe your family and friends will surprise you and champion you and say, ‘Wow, fair play to you.,’ like mine did. Maybe they will share your social and tell their friends about your work - like my family and friends do.


And maybe…you will realise your worst enemy are your own thoughts - your own mind. And, maybe the occasional person will try to down your work. And make snide comments about your - Facebook lives, and insta stories, and - ‘Why are you on Youtube going on about Reiki/coaching'/essential oils?’ whatever it is you want to share.

Be the Change YOU Want to See in the World

But in the long run - your changing - will create this space, a model, a framework, a path through the woods and the people who were only so-so about your work will be right behind you following suit and cheering your on and thanking you for clearing the path for them.

Now, wouldn’t that be amazing.?

Heal yourself, share it, and you heal the world. We need your healing. How did you overcome a pain point? And how are your going to share that with the world?

All growth is sore and uncomfortable. Become OK with growing pains!

If you want more information on coaching form me email me and keep an eye out for online coaching packages. If you want a fast way to bolster you then try emotional aromatherapy. Self-hypnosis audios coming shortly.

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