Everything you need to know about Dowsing

edit: I will post about the huge benefits of dowsing from a wellness coach's point of view. soon - watch out.

What is Dowsing and what does a Dowser do?

Dowsing is also known as Water Witching, Divining, Questing, Doodlebugging, I love that last one! (A school inspector and a teacher standing outside the staffroom - 'And what do you do for fun over the holidays, Michelle?' A heavy pause ensues as noisy children scuttle past. 'Me? Oh, I go Doodlebugging!')

Dowsing is the ancient and skillful art of finding water, minerals, objects, and even information on just about anything you can imagine, including:

  •    Health (what food will help me? Lifestyle decisions)
  •    Wellness (What path will help you, Reiki, Kinesiology, naturopathy, hypnosis?)
  •    Fellas (When will I get a fella?)
  •    Restaurants (Will this be a nice meal?)
  •    Farming (What crops to plant and where?)
  •    Abstract objects and ideas (You can go wild here)
  •    Outfit choice (Will I be comfortable in it?)
  •    Schools (is it a good school? Are the teachers nice?)
  •    Holistic practitioners (will they work well with you?)
  •    Gardening (what plants to plant and where?)
  •    Babies (when will we have one?)
  •    Animals (if you lost one)
  •    Food (quality and nutritional value)
  •    Weather (Will the weather be good for my big event?)
  •    Business (Should I stock that product? Is this the best route to market?)
  •    Money (How to make even more of it)
  •    Lost items, people, and dogs (handy for my littlest fur baby, the brat!)
  •    Finding and interpreting archaeological sites (for more serious users)
  •    Earth energies (Would this be a good site for a house, sacred space, cafe...)
  •    People's energies (Will I work with this person? Do they have good intentions?)

Basically, anything you want to ask a yes no question you can get an answer for using dowsing.

The dowser asks a question about the object or information she is seeking, and by the use of a dowsing instrument, such as a pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, these instruments will move and whichever way you programmed your instrument you can interpret the "answer."  

Dowsing instruments are mechanical amplifiers of small neuromuscular reflexes that happen in the body when a person dowses.

The answer, or movement of the instrument giving you a yes or no comes from the collective unconscious. Although no one can be sure where the answer comes from but from my own personal research and life experience of having used a pendulum since childhood it's a source far bigger than me. It was the norm on the farm to whip the pendulum (a brass fitting ring on a but of bailing twine out and ask it if you would be eating lambs for dinner so we could run out and say goodbye; hence me being a vegan now! lols

How can I learn to become a Dowser?

Anyone can learn to dowse. Although mastery of the skill is just like anything else--- takes a lot practice and doing an onsite course with an expert is always a huge advantage.

Dowsing basics

Get a pendulum. Any necklace with a heavy charm will do. Ask it if if will act as a dowsing instrument and thank it.

How to program your dowsing pendulum

  1. Drape it over your index finger between the knuckle and where it bends near the top.
  2. Ask it to give you a yes - note the direction
  3. Say thank you
  4. Ask it to give you a no -note the direction
  5. Say thank you
  6. Then ask it simple questions that can be answered with a yes or no (this takes a lot of time and practice to get the questions just right, but it's worth it.)

Want to learn about dowsing from a master? Make sure you read the free and amazing pdf on dowsing in our resources section. 

Have fun!

I work a lot with copper as a hobby and have made my own copper rods, I must share some pics of them here. I use them to show how they react to having a phone on your body. It is scary! Blog post coming soon



Michelle :-)