Dowsing, rituals, ghosts, farming life - blogger chat

Did I ever tell you about the time a water Diviner came to the farm and I demanded to go a-dowsing and I was able to actually do it? No?

I must start telling you more about the farm I grew up on and all of its history, it's ghost stories, and curses, it's ancient building for sacred rituals...

But not now, right now I have to do a bit of a re-design on the site and extend the shop. As I blog so much about all things wellness I get asked where I buy products from and book recommendations. Which is grand online as I tell them to Google it. But lads, I have people I know coming up to me and asking me so many questions. I just point them in the direction of the business. I use Fleet and Flower as a barrier and boundary. And people take it seriously as I have to pay taxes, an accountant, business consultants, stock, production of our own products. 

There's a really power to money. Like, people are starting to ask if they can hire me as a wellness coach....Whereas before I was kinda used as a metaphysical Google.

I never realised before I seriously considered hiring one, but a coach is like a professional friend. Their vested interest is in you doing well and providing you with all the advice, encouragement, guidance, and love to achieve your goals. And if the universe is pointing me in that direction....then cool. I will get to do what I always tried not to, help too much, but now, it seems I'll be getting paid for it. I wonder is this what they call manifesting?


RIght, I've work to do, folks.