Essential oils in the Classroom

I stumbled across essential oils for classroom use as a result of pure desperation.

How essential oils helped with my fear of flying

I had used them to aid overcome a fear of flying but never really thought about using them in my role of being a teacher, or immune support or classroom management.

Stressful Classroom management while doing The Dip

But, when you are pregnant, subbing in a long term sick leave role, doing The Dreaded Dip, and want to stay healthy and calm in a pleasant smelling room….I found myself reaching for lavender, a spray bottle, and a prayer.

Guess what? It worked!

I didn’t get a cold, the classroom was much calmer, and no nausea from a smelly classroom after lunch and pe.

Happy days.

Aromatherapy and doTERRA Organic Essential Oils

I have since started to study aromatherapy to learn even more about essential oils. I am working with doTERRA as they have the best quality, are third party tested and always found to be pure essential oil with no additives, and the supportive community is amazing. And, now I know how to incorporate essential oils as part of my classroom management far better.

Free Webinar Essential Oils in the Classroom and for Teacher Wellness

I have a school policy, safety police, letters to send to parents, immune boosting blends, and mood management blends.

I will be doing a webinar every Thursday (August 2019) evening at 8pm for teachers, SNAs, principals, parents - anyone who wants to learn more about essential oils in an educational setting and wants to learn more about a doTERRA essential oil classroom come along.

See the events page and book a place on the webinar and keep an eye on the page as there will be lots of giveaway and even some classes coming up with free samples.

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