Famous Transcendental Meditators - The Beatles and 1990s Ireland

I first heard about  Transcendental Meditation on RTE doco about The Beatles, it showed them with their guru in an ashram in India in 1963. They were singing, learning how to play the sitar, and chilling with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It.Was.Wild! 

Picture it, Early 1990s rural Ireland, few people went abroad, the church still had a lot of power, Dallas was disapproved of by the church and the country was still reeling after Sinead O'Connor ripped up a picture of the pope on Gay Byrne's Late Late Show. 

Some adults were starting to realise there was more to life then the church controlled Ireland they grew up in. Most of us were happy with SInead as we viewed it as expression and a right to freedom and to question.

But there was a feeling of missing something an existential loneliness. 

God and growth

So, after the initial shock of seeing grown men with long hair in dresses on the telly we loved that there was still something good out there and it started in here (points to heart). And not only had meditation sparked a feeling of happiness and connection in them it had also seriously inspired their music. They wrote 48 songs while there; these made up The White Album and some of Abbey Road - were far better and way cooler for their Indian trip. And this all really appealed to me. 


It was among the first time that rock stars shared anything real about themselves. Before this everything was so manufactured and fake. And here were The Beatles saying they believe in peace, love, happiness, meditation, a divinity...that was accessible in us. That we were enough to access a god-like being. That maybe we are god, all of us. Connected through source energy. We didn't need a church or a fella in black to confess our sins, we didn't need to eat wafers at mass, we just needed to shut our eyes, concentrate on breath, believe we were enough and BOOM! God - Source Energy - the power of the universe - a cosmic consciousness. 

It. Was. Wild.

I was probably about 12 or 13  and promised that one day I would meditate. And I did about three years later I started to meditate. I use to close my eyes and activate my third eye after I saw how to on another TV show (which is not a good idea - always start with your grounding and balancing work first).

How to activate your third eye?


Just listen to your heartbeat or breath, listen to a guided meditation of a body-scan. Get in touch with you at a foundational level. Give yourself five minutes a day to meditation. Maybe do a meditation course and read and question everything and everyone, including your meditation 'teacher.' Ultimately do what you are comfortable with. After enough practice, when you are ready to move up the chakra and do some third eye work, you will know and the information will come to you. (I am still not ready to do third eye work...so take your time.)

Children are sponges

I have been meditating on and off since, Here I am all these years later and this Thursday I am going to my first Transcendental Meditation prep. I was so young watching that show and yet it struck a chord within me that set off a chain-reaction. And here I am all these years later with a start-up based on: meditation / perfume oil, eco-friendly, organic, natural, veganism, reiki, chakra reiki, spirituality, and ethical. Just gas!