Fear of Flying and Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

My background

I've been there. Sitting on the plane and out of the blue panicking. I had to do a  lot of work to ease my fear of flying. Heck I even ended up starting a business of making essential oil perfume (it's healing and calming) and making fab copper crowns ( like long headband which keep my hair at bay, won't fall off and are grounding and calming) So, I will be writing a lot more about it. Here is a bit of a roundup of some of my research on floating though fear.

A background on anxiety/panic attacks and scary movies

Anxiety/panic attack scare like scary movies trick you into feeling fear. These type of movies  manipulate you with a loud soundtrack,  drums that mimic a racing heart, unpleasant images, eerie screams and shouts. By you reacting with fear you are almost paying homage to the kind person you are. We are programmed into feeling sympathy for others in danger, your reaction to the movie is normal. But these movies aren't real and you can leave the room. Still no matter how many times you tell yourself it's only a movie your palms are sweaty, your heart racing, and your head buzzing. If it's only a movie then why is your body freaking out?

The fear is real, it's in your thumping heartbeat,  your tightening muscles, in your queasy stomach, your shallow and rapid breathing,  It's real physical fear. Most of the time we experience a panic attack while flying is due to being afraid that we will have a panic attack. And that we will loose control in public. It doesn't help that the space we are in is confined and there is no way out. But look around you, no one else has a way out. We are all just passengers.


If I'm afraid, therefore I'm in danger

Our bodies are experiencing fight, flight, or freeze this is a caveman instinct. Even though humankind is the top of the food chain we still have the response system of prey ready to duck away from danger. In an actual dangerous situation fear is a useful signal that warns us which can motivate us to protect ourselves.

Where this response hampers us mid-flight is that our hearts are pounding, we feel afraid that we are in the midst of a dangerous situation. Our brain reasons this to one sentence - If I'm afraid, therefore I'm in danger


Feel the fear and do it anyway - Float

But this is not always the case. While flying does have some risk, and being in a confined space can be claustrophobic it is not always a dangerous situation. Feel the fear and fly anyway. Everyone else on the flight is doing it. Claire Weekes is an Australian doctor and is renown for her work on dealing with anxiety. It is Weekes who came up with the float concept. She maintains that learning to swim is hard but when we relax we can all float. 

Float but only after knowing how to equip yourself

Now you know a little bit of why you could feel fear and that it's OK to feel it and float thought it. But from my experience feeling the fear would have resulted in my popping open the jumbo jet's door and flying away. I know that some therapists recommend this feeling the fear but what worked for me was understanding the mind, the role hormones play, healthy lifestyle, and including an aspect of mindful living into my life. Now that I am better equipped/armed/protected/loved/selfloved I could get on a plane and float though this fear. You get me?

This fear is real. Scale it to ten. If the number is too high then do baby steps to help you get on the flight and float through the fear. You can read a post on that by clicking here https://www.fleetandflower.com/blog/20-tips-to-combat-fear-of-flying-if-flying-out-tomorrow-and-need-help-asap. Sorry for some reason the blog is not allowing me to share links as a URL and I cannot mask them behind text. I shall be onto my tech support tomorrow.

I am not an anxiety expert but I have experienced it a lot, I have done the research and hope this helps you. Keep researching. I'll keep posting. And if you need to then seek professional help then please do.