Fleet and Flower is registered with PETA


I cannot believe that I didn't share this sooner! We registered with the amazing people at PETA ages ago and only recently realised that they listed us on their site. Which I only found out about by looking at my web traffic and saw that we get a lot of readers from a German vegan beauty blog - lols!

Our perfume oil has a high concentration of essential oils and is all organic and cruelty-free. I mean, I, Michelle, am a vegan so obviously I do my politics with my money; cruelty-free!

Here is the link to where we are listed on the Peta page

We have not started the paperwork for licencing their logo yet, so we do not use their logo on our labelling. We are busy in more product development, and e-learning, and more modern mysticism stuff so it is busy here! (cool things to come.)