Fleet and Flower on Bloggers not being "authentic"

What business owner doesn't love bloggers? You send them your stuff and they write about it, for free. Then they probably love the product, or want to be seen as having gotten a product from a business and hope to get more opportunities, so they will blast your product all over their social media. Again, for free on your behalf but at the cost of time, effort, and expertise on the bloggers' behalf.

Bloggers deserve to get paid. I do not believe in sending bloggers our products and expecting a review and publicity at the cost of a few products. And the reason I say this and stand by it is...I AM A BLOGGER.



When is it ever good to blog for free?

If a blogger wants to start a portfolio then by all means let them buy what they want and say what they want. But a business giving away products for free does put an air of expectation on the blogger for a good review. Or maybe the blogger wants your product in return for an honest review? That is down to the business and the blogger; but this is a thing Fleet and Flower will never be doing. We will however be hand-selecting bloggers to HIRE to promote our products, down the line.

A blogger's gotta eat, right? And no matter how amazing our vegan, cruelty-free, 100℅ organic essential oil,  perfume soulful oil is - that baby won't pay the blogger's rent.

It is of little consequence to the bank that, "Fleet and Flower's copper jewellery grounded me while applying for this overdraft."

Nor will the motor tax department care if, "Fleet and Flower's medition and reiki courses helped me reach Nirvana."

(Remind me to write another blog post about how women have been working for free, for too damn, long in the field or emotional labour and how this relates to blogging.)

Are bloggers' reviews authentic?

There was some controversy in Ireland recently when a well know female business leaded stated that bloggers are no longer have authentic blog posts. As I quoted above and will repeat here; Marissa Carter (girll boss of Cocoa Brown) has been quoted stating, "there was an authenticity in the market when [Cocoa Brown] started."

And now there's not?!

What if you are a new blogger and cannot afford the products you want to blog about

Well, what do magazines do?

Do businesses send their products to magazines expecting reviews for free?

Do they include these free products in their magazines, which customer have to pay for, and do they give reviews? 

Why, yes. Yes they do. I've never read a negative review of a product in a magazine but I have read between the lines.

Most reviews are phrased in such a way that most idots could suss out if the product was good or not. So why can't this logic apply to bloggers without them getting tarnished as fake, inauthentic, and insincere? 


Bloggers, I salute you. I know why we do it. But passion doesn't pay the mortgage, and now, it seems, your passion isn't even "authentic." 

Go read Rosemary MacCabe's blog for her response on the whole Cocoa Brown debauchery.