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Designing our packaging for our artisan perfume oil

Rather than having another info blog post I really wanted to talk about how we designed out packaging.

As you may know, if you read previous blog posts, Fleet and Flower has received its cert from a cosmetic chemist. We are legal. And able to sell our 100% organic, vegan, essential oil, cruelty-free perfume oil. But. But, the packaging. It has to be perfect.

Is the search for perfection in business a good thing?

Have you ever looked at Pinterest? One simple look there and you fall into a wonderland of beautiful packaging.  Searching for perfection is not reality. And it's certainly not "business."  In business, you are advised to make the product and start selling as soon as possible. Be beta. Test your ideas, branding, eCommerce site, and products. But in order to sell the perfume oil, Fleet and Flower needs the ingredients, logo, usage, and other such stuff.  And I want it to be perfect, beautiful and veee Instagram-able.

 Danish Design

All the branding images have been hugely influenced by Danish design after my trip to Copenhagen. I wanted something cool and edgy.  Here's what we have so far:

  • Fire engine red ( just like the "+" in our logo.)
  • And the red is a nod to the name of our first perfume oil, Rêveurs, which was inspired by the book The Night Circus.
  • A small discreet circular logo on the bottle.  
  • A black box that slides open for the container.
  • A bamboo bottle. 
  • The bamboo bottle will have a....no. I will not say any more until I have The images. 

A cool, edgy, unique bamboo bottled organic perfume oil

So, yes. Fleet and Flower's organic perfume oil packaging will be different. Like an objet d'art. Cool. Edge. Different. This is not a big commercial brand. This is niche. A small business, that started at Copenhagen airport as a way to use essential oils to help a flight home more comfortable. I just wanted to use essential oils that were in cool packaging that wasn't a blue or brown medicinal looking bottle. I wanted to be able to meet up with old work colleagues in the I.F.S.C. and fit in amongst the financial business suits while pulling out my perfume oil. Nothing too green warrior. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I just love cool.

And I made it happen. 

We have a mock up done and it is perfect. The bamboo, how we "wrote" the Rêveurs name on our organic, vegan and cruelty-free perfume oil . Our gorgeous little logo and the dainty information sheet.

Pictures to follow soon.  

Have you read the book yet? The Night Circus is a work of beauty and will inspire you to create beautiful things. You can pick up a copy of The Night Circus here.

Talk soon

Michelle x