Fleet and Flower - Rêveurs - an Ethereal Perfume Meditation oil - How do I share the essence of my brand online?

I love that Fleet and Flower's ethereal perfume / meditation oil can help with so many things, but how do I get that across? Branding, blogging, SEO-ing, and getting to the core of the business is tough work. TG I meditate. 

Our cool perfume oil can help so much: grounding, uplifting, social anxiety, confidence builder, mother nature's powers, personal power building, ritual making, all of the spiritual associations of the essential oils in the blend (aphrodisiac, endocrine system, tranquillity, anti-depressant, self empowering, supports confidence, aids in self expression) - basically it is meditation on the go by using an ethereal product.

So our perfume oil is pretty different, you may have sussed that out by now.  But how do I get that across? I am just a one time book blogger, long time (part-time) primary school teacher, and digital creator.  And this blog post is turning into Dr. Seuss prose! 

Our ingredients are WAY more concentrated than most essential oil products. 

Fleet and Flower's vegan and cruelty-free perfume oil has 20% concentration of organic essential oils. Most products have a 3% concentration. We use an organic carrier oil. And our first ethereal perfume oil, Rêveurs, is being marketed as a mobile meditation with the tag line - meditation oil for the soulful. (it is so potent and powerful packed with natures goodness, made from the best natural ingredients in the world, and crystal infused and blessed by two reiki masters - I wanted to make a product that could help and still be cool) But how do I get all that across?!

You can use it during meditation, out and about, and traveling. You bring the serene with you. DO I need to keep saying that?

Ethereal product

Rêveurs is crystal infused by a crystal grid and blessed by a reiki master and a kundalini master. So, I suppose, in the holistic circles, it would be called an Ethereal product. I mean, it's spiritual in the metaphysical scence, smells amazing, artisan, and is ethical. It's hand-blended. But how to I get all of this across in a succinct way?

How to share our brand values with you?

So, how do we get that across to our customers?

How do we share our brand values?

How do we emphasise its ethereal qualities?

How do we share our vegan values?

How do we let you know how important sustainability and fair trade is to us?

How do we build a community?

How do we support the community? (add value!! some cool (free stuff coming soon on instagram)

Well, you just keep writing blog posts and sharing pics on insta that get this message across. Simples!

Just as well I love blogging and social media. We are on insta as Fleet_Flower or the hashtag #FleetAndFlower and we use insta stories also. We are over Facebook and use it the odd time. But we may be developing it soon....we use Twitter to commit the odd time. 

Honestly, starting a business is pure gas. Just when you think you have it nailed something else comes up. And I love that. The constant perspective change. I get to look at things from many sides and I allow space in, I learned that through meditation. 

Fleet and Flower is powered through the fleet (community), flower power, and the metaphysical.

Right, I'm off to read me some ACIM, and prep for my upcoming Transcendental Meditation course (squeee!) and read up on CBD oil. 



Michelle x