Florist Forest - Irish grown CBD based perfume oil


New product announcement

This is a short blast to let you know that Fleet and Flower has launched a new product. If you follow us on insta then you will know we're not just about sweeping wellness captions: We live our brand. WELLNESS ON THE GO.

After a summer of japa, transcendental meditation, mindful walks, drum circles, falun dafa, moon meditation, business workshops, hiring business coaches, doing tarot cards* and meeting like-minded people I got into the flow of creativity and put the final stages on something I had been working on for over a year.

Ireland's first and a European First - Organic CBD based perfume oil

It is the ultimate blend of glorious organic essential oils, blended in high concentration with an Irish grown CBD oil

Hemprture - Ireland's first organic CBD farm

I found Hempture as if by accident online and immediately loved doing business with them. I remember I kept asking them,  'Why hasn't CBD been available on the market before, why have I never heard of CBD? Is it legal? YES IT IS! 

I became a stockist of their Organic CBD vape oil It fit in with Fleet and Flower's branding - wellness on the go

Fleet and Flower - overcome a fear of flying

Fleet and Flower was thought up in Copenhagen airport after I needed essential oils to help me get over my fear of flying. Valium, Xanax simply did not cut it! Those drugs didn't help at all! But I had to mix random bottles of not organic yet expensive essential oils in with a base cream and sure all I had was my blooming face BB cream. I looked like pure odd opening blue essential oil bottles and mixing while standing at the gate. I just wanted something ALL ORGANIC. VEGAN. CRYSTAL INFUSED (for the extra love and hand made touch) made by a small artisan perfumer (again for their love of the product) in a very cool container by a cool brand I could follow online. As I looked onto the runway I noticed the fleet of airplanes and so Fleet and Flower was born.

So, the vape oil was transportable and potent.  WELLNESS ON THE GO, remember!

Brainstorming organic Irish grown CBD based perfume oil

I loved the idea of an organic CBD perfume blend but that would take so much time to design, plan, blend, get chemists, met EU legislation....I had to take it slowly. So I stocked their organic Vape oil and it met with my WELLNESS ON THE GO ethos.

But here it is - Florist Forest - Irish grown CBD based perfume oil

I'm waiting for a bit more time to let it blend to perfection, to check and double check the packaging the font used and logo used. Everything has to be perfect. 

BUT! I am a business coach now (hire me here) and my main advice to other start-ups is NEVER LET PERFECTION GET IN THE WAY OF GETTING SOMETHING DONE. LAUNCH IT.

And so I took my own advice and it feels glorious!

I must away and make tea for my King (no, not like that; that our second name!)


Michelle x

*OMG! Of course Tarot cards work. But they tap into our subconscious and we "foretell" our future through the use of archetypal psychology and the collective unconscious. D'uh! (lols!) There is nothing strange or new age about them. Read up on my Carl Jung blog posts. Honestly, if you are startup or business person then they can help guide you on direction and grant acquiescence to niggling questions. You know I used to be a book blogger and YA writer in a past life, right? I wrote about 4 or 5 books but couldn't finish them and now I am left with this rather unusual and slightly gothic voice in my writing. I have tried to hid it, but no more.