Getting to the first page of Google with Fleet and Flower and a Garry Vee style document your journey - blogger chat

Fleet and Flower welcomes you to the first in a Gary Vee style document your journey


Fleet and Flower - the name

The name, FLEET AND FLOWER,  came to me at Copenhagen airport as I looked at the fleet of airplanes and dabbed on essential oil while listening to a meditation audio trying to calm my nerves. I had always been a grand flyer but after a rough time at work, huge life changes, poor diet and lifestyle I had a panic attack on a plane and the shock of it never left me. So, even though I am not afraid of flying that panic still rises ever time I fly. So I had to deal with it head on. (Hence the transcendental meditation veganism, ACIM, reiki, crystals all the metaphysical stuff - it helped!)

I saw this as being a lifestyle brand based on metaphysical principles; the power of the mind.

And I saw the name, Fleet and Flower,  being easy to find on Google. Turns out there are a bloomin lot of Fleets sites and even more Flowers out there. 

And don't even get me started on what a Fleet of Flower is. No, no I did NOT know what it was until I was committed to Fleet and Flower. (palm face!)

So, this business is called Fleet and Flower and it is my intention that when someone Googles 'Fleet and Flower' this site is the first one that comes up.

I mean, I have had this url for nearly a year and have been blogging about, I had to look it up...I've only been blogging since October 2016. Setting up a business is grand; it'll only take about three years from conception to actual launch. LOLS!

Searches related to fleet + flower, and, Fleet and Flower

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But what is really interesting is that when you google our product name,"Reveurs," or "Reveurs Fleet and Flower" the same silence comes up. Whereas if I google "Rêveurs Fleet and Flower" a page does come up. But I mean come on......who is going to find that e with the hat? (it was names after the fans of the Night Circus - find out why here.

But, and this is just gas, when you google "reveur fleet and flower" we come up on the first page and we DOMINATE IT! If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying!

Why! Why! Why didn't I pick a really specific business name. Anyway, when we get more traffic we will get more cred and come up higher in a SERP so it's all good. But a handy lesson for anyone wanting to start their own business. 

SEO and Keywords

Like, I get SEO and keywords kinda but come on, do I need to just keep saying FLEET AND FLOWER in every post or just give it time? 

One way to look at it - this is just another challenge. 

Fleet and Flower's idea keywords would be

- organic, vegan, cruelty-free, batch-made, perfume oil, meditation oil, reiki, metaphysics, ireland, blogger, essential oils, ACIM, meditation, CBD, online shop

Speaking of online shop

I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have wanted to buy something so I would google it but loads of articles would come up and not ONE link to a SHOP. Ain't no body got time to trawl through long blog reviews - the actual shop should be the first one to come up.

Don't waste time giving away your product or guest posting

Often business spend a lot of time trying to get links back to their site and spend time sending out products to be reviewed or writing for free to small time sites. Don't waist your time. Because (A) that site may not even come up in a Google search, or (B) it comes up before your site which is the shop. So, a potential customer could end up on a cute blog, after searching to key words relating to your product or your actual brand, and then they could do a deep dive on that blog and not bother clicking through to your site. And, as a reformed book blogger I stand by what I said in this blog a few months back - blogger should get paid. And a free product won't pay that mortgage. And if the blogger is not 'big' enough to warrant a payment then why bother with them? I jest! All bloggers are big enough, audience size isn't important just engagement and the intention behind their blog. That intention stuff is palpable. (Ohhh, I must write a blog post about the power of intention and blogging)

Y'know! So just generate your own content. BLOG more!

I know. I KNOOOWWWA! - people don't read blogs anymore, it's all about Youtube. But, people still use the internet to learn and shop so have all that info in place and they will land on your site. If I find a new blog I like I will read a few posts then see in they have a book and buy it. I like to support them with money and not a like. That and I love a physical book with all the information contained in one physical place.

Or, if a blog has actual useful information I will read it and sign up to the newsletter. I just think that people got sick of blog about just makeup/shopping/clothes/my kids/my life we want to learn. So all of that makeup/shopping/clothes/my kids/my life from blogger we now just bypass their blogs and follow them on Snapchat, insta or Youtube. 

I must write about attention span and the rise of anxiety...

Where as we still use Google to ask questions and the blogs that contain that information we will read. 

What type of questions?

Well, what questions do you ask Google? In my first job I use to google - masters, psychology, stress, fear of flying, how to become more confident in the workplace, how to save for a mortage, essential oils, how to go vegan, how to set up a business, how to organise a wedding, how to organise a classroom, staff room etiquette, how to be cool in your late thirties...etc! 


A tip for other online business

Start using the words: to buy, want to buy shop online, buy online, shopping cart, buy, delivery and words associated with that.

In truth, these are all tips for me generate after a day spent online, google stuff, reading blog on social media and writing Fleet and Flower stuff. As Gary Vaynerchuk says - document your journey.

Oh, I must write about the branding, our logo creation and the disaster involving, wiat - I will blog it.