Hiring a Cosmetic Chemist to get the go-ahead to sell organic, vegan, cruelty free essential oil perfume. Squee!

Today is an exciting day! Finally, after years of preparation I have hired a cosmetic chemist to access our perfume for the legal right to sell it. Squee!

I love the smell. It took so long to get that perfume just right. So many noses, arms, ans wrists belonging to friends, family, poets, business mentors all of whom helped shape this perfume. We didn't want it to smell too like a church, or as part of an aromatherapy season; this is perfume and it needs to smell divine, glorious, natural, sexy, mouthwatering, and yet have all the benefits of healing organic essential oils!

Sure, essential oil perfume that is organic and vegan, has no additives, preservatives, or nasty ingredients is healing. But a healing perfume doesn't have to smell like a hippy. I love hippies, but I go to business meetings, I still work in another serious job, for Fleet + Flower I meet accountants, designers, branding peeps, and network and I just wanted, nay, needed a cool perfume in a deadly container, (it's bamboo!) that smells like dusk tainted with a punk bride's bouquet. Y'know?

I choose the bamboo container as my love for these little plants knows no end. It's sustainable and renewable. And hibernates for years until BOOM! It shoots up metres into the air.

That's v. cool. *You gotta say that like you're Snapchat star - James Kavanagh*

 This picture will make sense as you read on.

 This picture will make sense as you read on.

I wanted the stainless steel roller ball. Every natural substance has a unique vibration that creates an energy field. Nothing is actually solid at an atomic level, everything is made up of tiny bits of vibrating energy; the harder the substance then the more compact, denser, and faster these tiny pulsating and vibrating energy thingies are. (See mom, I told you my science degree would come in handy. *Physics rocks!* said in a Jedward meets The Happy Pear sorta way! LOVE THEM) Anyway stainless steel is no exception. Plus, it’s a natural substance that has been dug out of the earth you guys! And that's v cool!

Also, people with skin allergies are less prone to be allergic to stainless steel. And did you know that steel's energies are very  protective? Yup,  and its aligned with the Roman God of war. So, in a way this little stainless steel roller ball is like a tiny bit spiritual armour. And I LOVED that.

Sure didn't the whole concept for this perfume come to me in an airport, no less? *I've said that in a Irish Mammy sorta way*

Yeah, I was calming my nerves by using lavender essential oil while admiring the sun shining off the fleet of planes at Copenhagen airport. In a way, that lavender essential oil actually did helped heal my flying nerves and so, using a stainless steel applicator is like extra protection, I've also read that stainless steel protects you from psychic attacks, extreme negativity or anything that would suck the energy right out of you, (where were you when I worked in the financial banking world, LOLS!) I'm kidding, I liked the people I worked with but a bit of extra help would have made my days nicer. 

Here's me going on about the stainless steel roller ball applicator and I was supposed to be telling you about hiring a cosmetic chemist. I finally blended a fhhhhabulous perfume. Oh lads, it's gorgeous. Even if I do say so myself. It smells different from the battle as to when you roll it on; it hits ya with thorny roses, and spruce, and

It's late here. I'll fill ya in on the rest of the organic essential oils I used in our perfume tomorrow. 

K, Byeeeeeeeeee!