How focus can help you live your best life

Attention, focus, and purpose.

Where the mind goes the body is sure to follow. I have two jobs; teaching and Fleet and Flower. I'm also a student; learning even more about meditation, yoga, Kundalini, reiki, chakras, essential oils, copper, ACIM, mindfulness, basicially a lifelong learner of the metaphysical (and the tin whistle!) and holding my attention is key in my adventure.

I see a lot of wondering minds in schools and one of the best ways to bring them back to be fully present is to structure an environment where they are engaged with their senses through active learning. See bow how I use the same tactics in my own life, my start up, and my learning.

The five senses

Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

If you dive into each sense you can access how you will use it in each area of your life . This will enhance focus and will make you more productive, calmer, and present.


If I need to write a blog post I start with the photos first. Looking at them and lapping up with beauty inspires me to focus enough to write something that will provide decent content. 



If I am teaching and need a concentration boost I use own Fleet and Flower perfume oil. Or tee tree, or lavender. There's nothing like a 20% concentration of organic essential oils to sharpen your soul and anchor it to the here and now.


Coffee, herbal tea, juice, wheat grass and apple cider vinegar shot before my day's work and I am in the zone.



I find meditation difficult. I've been dipping in and out since I was a teen but I've found the answer. I use mudras. These are hand gestures with a meaning and they focus me enough so that I can let go and stop striving. 



With tin whistle practice I just listen to inspiring and edgy music and then practice. Either listening or playing you are still learning. 


I hope this helps, from my reading, courses, and application all of these help me to live a happy life. Let me know what helps you over on insta - we are Fleet_and_Flower