How I use Organic Essential Oils, Rêveurs, as a Teacher to Promote a Positive Classroom Experience

The classroom is a busy place. We have students: going out for resource, pupils coming into the classroom for reading groups and paired reading, there are wonderful SNAs in the mix, books to be collected and given out, copies to be corrected, and a lot of pupils to be calm, and focused at work. Is it any wonder a teacher may need some essential oil for help!

I use Fleet and Flower's Rêveurs roll on organic perfume oil though out the day. I originally created this business as a way to use essential oils that smell nice, were POWERFUL with 20% dilution (often roll-ons are just 3%) and yet in cool packaging for pockets or carry-on bags to help make flying a calmer nicer experience. And, here I am using it all day every day.

I love it, not because it works, but for the rituality it brings to my life with every application. I am not trying to entice you to buy it, this is my blog and I write about things I love - y'know? But I have found it has really helped me in school. If you take the time throughout the day for yourself, and you bring a lot of meaning to the oils you are using (by reading their properties, by seeing the work that went into the creation and the essential oil chemistry, and in our inspiration from The Night Circus in the creation of Rêveurs it makes it all the more special.

As Fleet and Flower perfume oil is at the highest dilution, 20% EO to 80% carrier oil, it is potent and powerful enough to have a positive effect on me and my environment. I always enjoy the moments I put it on and notice how the pupils nearest to me sniff the air and then let their shoulders drop. 

At break time, I rub the oil onto my fingers and then onto the radiator. This ensures the pupils will come back into a calm environment. Of course, when you do this you need to be focused and concentrate on what you do want in the room. So I think of my lesson plan objectives and how I want them met. I also think of a mantra - God bless the work or This is a positive, peaceful, and productive environment. 

Use this oil with focus and concentration on what you want more of in your life. Trust me, it works. I used to be asked to work in schools that I did NOT enjoy, now I concentrate on the types of school I do like and I get asked to work in them all the time now.