How to bring meditation and mindfulness into your life

Sometimes people just don't get it. You know, "it it!"

The big "it" - that your thoughts become your reality. 

The "it" that what you say about others is more of a reflection of yourself than of them. (After all, how can you recognise bitchiness in someone unless you have it within yourself, in the first place?)

Do you ever listened to the people around you, and not engage too much? Do it. See how they talk about others, the jibes they make, the jokes at others' experience. And then ask yourself....does this actually describe the speaker also? 

How often do you and the people you surround yourself with talk about mindfulness? Meditation? Positive thoughts and seeing their results in your life? Metaphysics? Silent meditation retreats? Yoga workshops? The big "it" questions? And if you did, would the people around make a face?

Right now - be in the moment

Meditation and mindfulness is happening right now. It rarely happens on your mat. The mat is just for practice to enable you to bring the meditative state to your real life. Y'know? Sometimes the bitchiest conversations I've witnessed ( and not joined in - it's a new thing for me...learning to sit down and stay humble) happen at yoga, Reiki workshops, at holistic markets, with these alternative practitioners. It's as if people feel they are getting spiritual gains on the Reiki ladder. 

This is where you breath deep and think -

I don't mind because you don't matter. 

Every conversation, engagement,  or spark you have with someone can be eschewed any way you want it to be. Your life is the filter and perspective. 

If you were never enough as a child you could become an adult in spiritual competition with others. Or maybe you are the target of an older person's jealousy; they don't like your fresh vibe, considering it took them so long to get there. 

BUT, you you don't mind because they don't matter, in The MOST loving way possible. 

Whats in it for me?

Everyone is looking for something in EVERY engagement. We are never really talking about the football or the weather or the village gossip but the big "it" questions dressed down in an accessible way. There is no need to talk about the big "it"  all the time because we are living it. 

Be meditation - use it in your daily life

Any time you feel annoyed by what someone said, take it as an opportunity to become the embodiment of meditation - breath through it, know that it doesn't matter, and feel that you are connected to source. Once again, you don't mind because they don not matter.

Of course people matter to you, but everything you need to validate yourself you already have within you. So, no matter what anyone says to you, no matter how it riles you, you can recognise it and remind yourself that you approve of you. You validate you. You are enough. And what that person is saying doesn't matter to you. If you feel what they are saying may have some truth in it than let it go. They made fun of your fancy car - accept it and let it go, they made fun of your expensive - accept that you see no evil in making and spending money or decide you, for yourself, want to dress down - accept it and then let it go.

When The Beatles sang Let it go they did so after their experience with meditation. 

We are made of stardust, we are all connected, we all have what we need within ourselves to live our big lives. Others' opinions and words (peppered with their thought, created by their personal history and narrative) do not matter. And while we respect everyone, and their presence does matter, their words cannot impact upon a happy and healthy mind. And if it does, well, now is when you need to hit that mat and start building the foundations through yoga, meditation, mantras, mudras, EFT, ACIM, reiki, routine, schedules, mindfulness, monitoring your thoughts, diet (cruelty-free), 



And yeah, there is a hip hop reference in this post and umm yeah read the first few lines again to see me poke fun at myself!