How to Communicate Better Through Discovering Your Strengths

Being Kind Starts Your Yourself

Often we keep ourselves smalls as in the past we may have been too helpful, too kind, gave away too many ideas. These weakness left us open to feeling drained and no compensation. How about if I told you that sometimes your greatest strength is something you thought was your weakness?

You need to discover who you are - mind, body, soul and use your strengths to live your best life; be that in work, your start up, your coaching business, your relationship with coworkers, in the office, in the staffroom.

So, ask yourself is what you are saying about your self truthful, necessary and kind?

Know who you real are and your strengths

Strength is a gateway to connect with others and learn how to communicate them. Get your point across clearly and share the common goal - by doing that we life eachother up and make a real difference in the world.

Don’t stop discovering who you are just because you left school, or university is over, or you have you dream job, or you have your kids with a nice house, keep discovering who you are. How on earth can you fully develop all of your true skills and talents unless you know who you really are.

How to stop clashing with people you work with, you husband, wife…

What if your strength is empathy and you are communicating with someone who’s strength is Strategic Thinking? Simple, you both see the value in each other’s strength and work from there.

Is strategy your strength? Maybe you should do more budgeting work, more goal setting, more long term plans.

Is your strength compassion? Often, people who are compassionate also have suffered compassion fatigue from giving too much with no boundaries in the past. But if this is your strength then you need to figure out a way that you can give of yourself while it is safe to do so. Set boundaries, know what behaviour you will and will not tolerate from others. Let it be know you can help in certain settings of your job/life purpose/ coaching/ network marketing. Stand back and watch all of the benefits of being able to help people while feeling supported and energised because you have done the work and know when to end, play, reset.

Your strengths have been conditioned by your environment

Maybe you were taken for granted or taken advantage because of your strengths and now, mistakenly, interrupt them as a weakness. In a husband and wife - the man’s strength could be Ideation (having great and creative ideas with poor execution) and maybe the wife’s strength is in Arranger (can arrange tasks to be done and how to do the effecfitanly)

This could lead to major frustration until you see the strengths in each other and sit down to work together. Arranging a creative idea into the work, making it a reality.

Reflective Practice

Every day, I urge you, set aside 2 minutes to do a reflection.

What went well today? Could I have done better?

What didn’t work and how could I have done better?

What do I want to feel more of in life and did I feel this today and how can I feel this? That could be the feeling you get when you find someone who needs some life direction. And you tell them what you do and how you can help them. Help them for free and then when they have their job, situation, start up, off the ground they can pay it forward or support you.

I will have some guided meditations and self-hypnosis audios in the shop soon to help you unearth your strengths, I will also create some worksheet to help you dig deep. Until then, use Melaleuca on the base of your throat to prevent overwhelm and diffuse some Wild Orange for feelings of abundance.

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