How to get a better life and possibly find your calling

No one wants to be in a negative situation. But being in a negative situation is the key! It can let you know what you do NOT want therefore letting you know what you DO want. To get to a more positive situation or perspective then you must accept your current situation.

The path of least resistance is not about just giving up or taking the easy option. 

The path of least resistance is about facing your fears, your upsets, your old car, that unpaid bill, the wrong career move, that messy friendship and admitting that while your life is good there are things you avoid feeling and situations you avoid because you are afraid. Don't elaborate. Just say it, admit it, accept the good and the bad of the situation, and keep moving onwards.

I am where I am.


It is what it is.


It is only when you accept something that you can take action. Moving from sadness to acceptance is to face the sadness/fear and the get angry. Let that spark of anger propel you into positive action. I read, in a magazine, of a story of a man who was obease saw a full-length picture someone had taken of him and the shock of seeing himself made him face the truth, get angry about it, and he take action. Now he has a healthy BMI and is studying to be a fitness trainer.

The only way through the storm is through the storm.


By solving your pain point you very may well find what you were sent here to do. That's how this business started; a fear of flying tuned me into essential oil and meditation; but only after I accepted the fear.

I have used this technique and it is a slow burner but it does work. And if you research more on psychology it is all about taking ownership of your life - warts and all.