How to get a good night's sleep with a peaceful mind

Do you press snooze? Do you feel like the alarm always goes off far too early? Or does your mind race when you try to go to sleep? If this is you then read on for our suggestions. Getting a good night's sleep really helps when you are traveling; it makes your flight a piece of vegan sin-free cake.

She has a busy day ahead and yet she keeps hitting snooze.

Starting your day on the right foot is essential be it for a full time blogger, mom, girl boss, writer, photographer, nail artist, makeup artist, or student. (Please note Fleet and Flower uses the feminine pronoun to refer to both sexes, we may occasional use a male pronoun to refer to both sexes because we believe in gender equality, OK man?)

 I have blackout blinds in my bedroom, but I leave them ajar so some dawn sunlight eases me awake. I also have some of our Fleet and Flower roller ball perfume by my side and a sniff of always awakens my scenes if I try to name what essential oil I am smelling. Is that the top note of Rose or one of the base notes? A good night's sleep, with a calm mind, boils down to one point: Routine. Below are some tips that I use and they work for me.

Routine- Noun: a sequence of actions regularly followed.

Sort your bedroom out

Having your bedroom looking fancy with new bedclothes and uncluttered, is the place to start. This will result in energy in the morning after a good night's sleep. Having the bedroom smells nice also helps. Dab some essential oils onto your radiator. Try organic cotton with natural dyed bedclothes for the ultimate night's sleep. Try to keep your room clean, almost minimalist. That includes removing those magazines and books on your TBR pile to another room, and no tv. Try it out it worked for me.

Night time routine

No tea or alcohol a few hours before sleep. Water is your new best friend. Avoid eating too late or drinking too much water for an uninterrupted night's sleep. This also cuts back on the body's digestive work and so it can now concentrate on repairing your body as you sleep rather than digesting that pizza.

Walk the dogs in the back garden, admire the moon. Read some of a book or a blog. Oh, how about reading The Night Circus? Love it! As an aside, our first perfume was inspired by The Night Circus, I will write a post about it vee soon. We are calling it Rêveurs. If you have read it you will know where the name came from. 

Try avoiding using social media, I'll have a post about it later. I always dab on a bit of my perfume onto my pulse points before I go to sleep; the combination of oils are soothing and relaxing.

Avoid the unnatural glow of a computer or mobile phone screen. This light disrupts your internal cycles.

Mantras to calm a racing mind

A mantra is a sacred utterance, phrase that's meaningful to you, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. Pick a short phrase and repeat it 108 times. When you are starting out with mantras pick a short phrase that means something to you or something that you wish to see more of in your life.

If your mind races then say the Om mantra. I have another post about the use of mantras. When you know more about the detail of a mantra they become far more mighty.

Copper to chase away bad dreams and better sleep

I place my copper pieces on my bedside locker, it feels like it keeps me grounded for my night's sleep. It honestly feels like I sleep better and have a restful night's sleep. 

Light a candle

Is there anything nicer than mediating before you sleep to the warm glow of a candle? I love this.  I follow the routine of ritual to banish and attract, read more on how to do it here. I banish negativity and a racing mind and I attract good sleep and questions to any work questions. I sleep soundly and often get my answers within a day or two. Just make sure you blow out the candle before you sleep; never leave a candle unattended. Hope this helps with your night time routine.

Here is our post on a morning routine. Again, it is something that worked for me so have a read and see what works for you.


Until then check out this post for an essential oil cheat sheet, or have a read about Fleet and Flower organic, vegan, cruelty free, lux and cool ingredients, and if you want you can always shop here to buy perfume or crowns or candle oil.


This post is full of the tips and tricks that worked for me, I use the word 'try' as it's up to you to try them, or not try them, and see what works for you. Following even a few of these tips can have a drastic effect on your morning energy levels.  See what works for you. Now that I think of it I will write about getting a good night's sleep before your flight to help calm your nerves and make flying better soon. Stay tuned.

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