How to get Free Essential oils - up to EUR65 worth! And the Value of Vulnerability

You know me, I am a bargin hunter. I love doTERRA as I use the products for natural healthcare, green cleaning, non tox living, emotional aromatherapy, and for immune support for my baby.

But I still like to mund my money. I spend it on things I feel have a real value. I am a primary school teacher, with a science degree and I like to study and anaylse something before I deep dive.

I was skirting around doTERRA for years and then whe I ‘got it’ I deep dived in. Far from the shallow now, eh?!

I understood the value. The peace of mind knowing my difusser has immune boosting, sleep inducing, soothing and uplifting oils going at nighttime for my baby and me and hubby.

I understood the value when I see my baby healthy, despite having a few near misses, by using nature’s chemicals to keep his immune system rocking.

I understood the value when I used doTERRA’s emotional aromatherapy range when I was tired and need Motave, when I was grieving and needed Console, and when my mind was racing and needed some Peace.

I understood the value when I created blends for family and friends that actually helped them Rather than having to do the big emotional work for them, which was never my job in the first place, just as all make sure their boundaries were in tact when my little family went through a loss and I needed strength not everyone down.

I understood the value when I see smiling faces around me as I am no longer anxious. i am accepting of me, in all my realness.

I understood the value when I used essential oils in my classroom and in the staffroom while doing my dip, dealing with inspectors, being pregnant with my twins, and facing a bittersweet journey.

And now, I can see the value when I can proudly say - doTERRA’s organic essential oils are science backed. I am a primary teacher, with a computer science degree with a load of wellness tools in my arsenal standing before you (on the interwebs) asking you to see the value.

And, if ya can’t then that cool, how about 65 quid worth of value. Sound?

For the month of August, if you sign up with doTERRA with a 100pv order you will get 50euro back next month to spend on oils. You do not have to set up any monthly order (although you actually save money and can order as little as you want (a toothpaste) get free shipping )8 quid back for free oils, and get a rake of points (these go up through the months) to get even more free oils.

It costs EUR24 to join, buy about EUR100 worth of oils, I recommend

15ml On Gaurd,

15ml Wild Orange,

15ml Lemon,

15ml Peppermint,

and a 15ml Lavender.

Pay Bucks in total for shipping and get 50Euros next month to sue on free goodies and receive a 15ml Lemongrass as a gift from me!

I know that you know the value in this…it’s tangible in my voice as I write this. i need to tell as many people about this as possible as I want to help. No one helped me when I needed it the most. I had to allow myself to hit rock bottom. I had to avoid all negativity. I have to concentrate on what I wanted in my life, I had to believe it was coming and then I had to let go.

I found chemicals that worked with the cells in my body to change cell behaviour and function. Long term infections, where doctors would no longer prescribe antibiotics or pain killers 0 gone! Heart break from grieving - consoled. Facing baby group knowing I should have been there with two - bearable. I want to help because in helping you I am also sending love and light to past me and keeping my promise - heal form this and the world heals with you.

I can no longer stay small so others feel big. I can no longer stay quite because my shy voice makes you feel uncomfortable. I was so vulnerable before my twins arrival that I promised I would live on the edge of experience so nothing could ever leave me feeling small when I needed to be present. Putting myself out there thought blog posts, insta stories, youtube, and doing classes and workshops have changed me to the core.


Michelle and my beautiful little family x