10 tips to help you live your best life with more positive intention

Nothing like living your life with more focus and intention. A lot of people recognise the importance of having a life lead by goals, well goals are also another form of positive intention. Directed thinking. Find what suits you below, think about doing it and how you will adapt it for your own life and then set your mind that you will...stretch to the sun for 5 relaxed minuets.. Let me know how you get on. 

  1. Stretch to the rising sun.  And raise your first glass of water as you toast to the sky.                                       
  2. Mornings are busy times but they are the most important time to set your goals and intentions for the day. Write your to do list.  
  3. Why not first great everyone and everything with a kind good morning and kind smile.
  4.  Say a prayer. No matter your religion we are all energy beings so send some positive energy, akin to saying a prayer, to someone.
  5. Give yourself some reiki. If you are not a Reiki master then you can study our course (more to come later) or send yourself some good energy.
  6. When you use an essential oil blend decide to appreciate the time, sun, harvesting, blending, branding, and love that went into its production as you apply it.
  7. Eat mindfully or better yet give your food a blessing before eating.
  8. Arrange a crystal grid while you wait for the kettle to boil and infuse it with a positive intention.
  9. This is a tad ACIN but though out the day monitor your thoughts; if you think negatively about someone then just say, "My negative thoughts about x are keeping me in a negative place. So I will let them go."
  10. Nod at the moon. Wish upon the stars.