How to make organic + vegan make-up remover?

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

I don't know what's scarier...the rubbish they put in cleansers or the fact there is such a simple answer.

Organic coconut oil

We were all told that coconut oil is great for your skin but I never found it moisturising.

After using it as a moisturiser for two weeks it kinda turned my skin into a greasy mess. My face felt like it had a thin coast over it and was crackly. But I had heard so many amazing things that I continued to use it and after a few minutes I would have to rub off the coconut with a hot face cloth. And it felt good.

Using it as an organic, vegan, cruelty-free cleanser

Within a few weeks my skin was softer, plumper, and no pimples. So I now use it as a face cleanser, I add organic coffee grinds and jojoba oil to give it an extra umph. It feels amazing. Coconut oil is a cracker for giving my face a deep cleanse.

Start your own business

If you wanted, you could even use this idea to set up your own organic skincare business. Maybe you could whip the coconut so that it has a mousse-y texture. You could add vitamin E oil, add some organic essential oils, maybe even some organic coffee grinds. WOW! That sounds amazing. I'd buy that. 

I can't give business advice. It took me two and a bit years to properly launch Fleet and Flower. And we have only NOW finally sorted out packening. That's why I am giving this idea away. It takes a lot of work, commitment, research, legal obligations (especially to meet European legislation) to bring a product to market and then try to get customers. But it is a real joy. And some good Googleing will work wonders. 

Stay at home mums or part time work

I see so many stay at home mums who want a part-time job but can't find one. Maybe setting up your own business would be a good idea. Also, having your own business is a great way to get out of other people's demands on your time.

"What's that? I have to pick up your kids, cook the dinner, and drive your husband to football 'cause you need to get your hair done after work? Oh, sorry, I have a business yoooouuuuuu buh-bye!"

Anyway, enough of this start your own business talk,  if you try the coconut oil as a cleanser do let me know how you get on. Oh and what did you think of this weeks crystal grid? It's the cover pic for this blog post. Every week we make a new crystal grid for the Fleet and Flower HQ, when we say our products are infused we make damn sure they are. 

Michelle x

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