How Fleet and Flower Mantras!

Do you have a load of decisions to make? Do you think too much? Do you have a fear of flying? Or giving that presentation? Or going for that promotion?

If you answers yes to any of these then use a mantra to help calm you thoughts, relax your mind and you body will follow.

What is a mantra

A mantra is a phrase or sound that is repeated out loud or in your mind.

Mantras help you calm your stressed out mind.

Using a mantra while you’re meditating helps stop your thinking mind. Using a mantra also calms you when you are over thinking even when not meditating.This can result in a calmer state and so responding to the stressful situation far better. When I meditate I like to wear some copper jewellery. Copper is a grounding material and has some pretty cool properties and can make the meditating process magical. Read about it here.

Mantras and spirituality

Mantras can also be used to deepen your spirituality, activate energy centers, and help build a relationship with the universe and nature. You can think of the marvel of nature, the earth's gravitational pull, the elements, anything that's special to you and say your mantra to that. Heck, if you love Arsenal then think of how you belong to a community of fellow Gunners then chant your mantra to that red and white flag.

To reap the most benefits, shorter mantras should be chanted 108 times.

You could think of a really good memory and dedicate the mantra to it. This could feed that good memory resulting with you feeling those same happy vibes all over again. The mantra could be, 'I am loved.' 

Or, think of a sad memory and send your past self blessings though the repetition of your mantra. Can you remember a time in the past when it felt as though you were guided by a guardian angel, gut instinct, or a time you felt a healing pulse wave through you? Perhaps that was  you, saying your mantra now and sending it to a sad past memory. And that feeling of hope you got was from your future self, your real guardian angel. 

Understanding and meaning your mantra

Saying mantras that have meaning to you makes the mantra more potent, magical, and sacred. By understanding what the mantra means, personalising it, lets you understand its detail. And so it becomes sacred because you understand its core. With this understanding and repetition you are take the mantra out of the physical realm and through a higher state of awareness and you can internalise that sacred feeling.

A mantra can be as simple as saying, "I am loved." "I am peaceful." "I am grateful." "I am calm." "I am grateful." Can you see a patter here? I need another blog post about how powerful "I AM" truely is. 

Saying a mantra for the vibration alone

There is another school of thought where the meaning of the phrase is not important. It is just a way at getting at the underlying vibration. According to the Chopra Center, the ancients behind the Vedic texts wrote the primordial vibrations that make up the universe. They even claim that we can hear all of the primordial vibrations too, if we listen hard enough to the background hum of the air. “As you meditate, the mantra becomes more and more abstract and indistinct. When this happened you are in a field of pure consciousness. It is here that these vibrations arose. We all came from the one source and through mediation we go back to the noise at the start. A sort of reminder; we are all one.


Om is the most famous of all mantras. It is thought that Om, pronounced a-u-m, was the noise that sounded during the big bang. It's  Sanskrit/Hindu, meaning “It Is” or “To Become”. And is considered sacred. Om has the vibration of intention manifesting in the physical realm, or more simply the vibration of the universal consciousness.

The perfect mantra for flying

Why Om, of course! NOw that you know what it means you can concentrate on that noise while letting the noise and vibrations of the airplane help you reach that calm state of being. If you have a bad fear of flying then really concentrate on how Om was the noise at the big bang. How it was there at the beginning. How it can still be heard. How it unites us all. 

If this doesn't help then try this, 'I am calm, cool, confident and I am in control.' Of course you will need to have been using this meditation for a few days, or weeks even better or months for it to be really effective to calm your fear of flying. Anyway, I started this business making the essential oil perfume to help me overcome my intense fear of flying. So, I will most definitely be writing a LOT more in the coming weeks.