How to start the morning with zest and start that business

Do you find it difficult to get going in the morning? Still feeling sluggish when ou need to get up?

I look at my routine and see what works and doesn't work. I've written this as I find it helpful and it works for me. I have been setting up Fleet and Flower for two years while working in another job. Getting going in the morning and feeling energetic throughout the day was the difference in launching my own business and still talking about it. I hope this helps you on your adventures. 

Morning routine

Open the curtains rather than hitting the snooze. Natural light helps wake you and gives you energy natural light also helps to stop the production of sleep chemicals . If it's winter and it's dark out get a natural light lightbulb. Try to get up at the same time every morning, even weekends! Hear me out, this is so much better for your heart and sleep pattern. Even if you had a late one the night before get up as close to your normal time as possible. The good news is that now that you are awake at your usual timeyou can lie in bed awake, read a book, or wash your teeth or make a cuppa and chill for a bit.

Once up have a routine; shower, wash teeth, roll on some essential oil perfume, say a prayer or wink at the sky to admire it's greyness, pick out nice and fresh clothes, breakfast, a pint or two of water, walk the dogs. You should get at minimum six hours of sleep a night.  Eight is better, find out how many hours make you feel your best and aim to hit that every night.


Try starting the morning with a pint of water. Water gets your circulation going, cures the mild dehydration of a night of sleep, and gives you the energy to start the day right. Having a breakfast every morning is a good idea too. Just like your body needs water in the morning, it needs food for energy for the day.  Not eating leaves tired with low blood sugar levels no matter how much sleep you got enough sleep the night before.


Now that you up get some fresh walk to get your coffee, job to work, walk the dogs. A little exercise goes a long way to encouraging morning energy.

Morning Meditating

Yup, make the time for it. All the celebs do it, well the cool ones meditate. I will share some of my meditations here so keep an eye out. Did I mention it before? But I like to wear come copper jewellery when I mediate. 

For more information  have a look at our piece on essential oil cheat sheet, or have a read about Fleet and Flower organic, vegan, cruelty free, lux and cool ingredients, and if you want you can always shop here to buy perfume.

See what works for you. This post is full of the tips and tricks that worked for me, I use the word 'try' as it's up to you to try them, or not try them, and see what works for you. Following even a few of these tips can have a drastic effect on your morning energy levels.  Here are some tips and tricks that I have used to great success to help get a good night's sleep.