How to use Fleet + Flower Candle Oil

Putting your Intention into a Candle

to Amplify it and Make it so.

How to do Candle Magic:

Dress a Candle or Dressing a Candle:

For your intentions to become actualises it is important to treat his like a special ritual. Make time for it, ensure you will not be distracted, use a special candle or place a special stone or statue near the candle. This whole process is about putting as much of your thoughts, what you want, and your care and attention into this process.

  1. Select your candle. (please never leave a candle burn unattended.)
  2. You need to set your intentions. What do you want to attract? 
  3. Decide what it is you want to banish from your life.
  4. Next, you need to take it out of its case so that you can touch it.
  5. Spray out a small helping of the Fleet and Flower candle oil and rub it between your thumb and first finger with one hand.
  6. Holding the candle with your other hand prepare to dress the candle.  
  7. Imagine the candle is in two pieces a top half and a bottom half.
  8. On the bottom half place your oiled thumb and first finger on  the middle and in downward direction rub the oil onto the candle while saying, 'I am banishing X and Y from my life.' Do this while rotating the candle,
  9. Get more oil and put oiled finger and thumb back to the middle.
  10. In an upward direction start oiling the candle in a rotating motion while saying, 'I am attracting X and Y into my life.'
  11. Place your thumb and first finger back to the middle of the candle and simply draw a line around the middle with your finger and thumb saying, 'I wish to bring balance into my life.'
  12. Light the candle, breath deeply and say, 'and so it is.'

WARNING: WHAT YOU PUT OUT COMES BACK TIMES THREE. So, be careful. This candle oil is an extremely potent mix and has been  infused with blessings by a Reki Master, a Wiccan, crystals, copper, steel, Holy water, and a new moon. 

Also: You cannot wish ANYONE harm or malcontent. You can wish to see them less and want to attract better people into your life though!

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