If you are going to become Vegan then you may as well be a fit and healthy one

 There is loads of vegan junk food but if you are going to turn down butter and milk lattes then go easy on the junk food.

Meditation and Food

Most vegans are spiritual and a level of spirituality requires a healthy body. And nobody will be healthy if it is buzzing from preservatives and sugar. You can't really meditate if you are on a sugar high.

Inform Yo'self

As a vegan, I try to stay informed about food. You do feel a certain paranoia; you check the ingredients of all the food you eat before you consume it. You make sure you get your complex carbs, protein, calcium, iron, from vegan produce. This leads you to finding out other things about food and the human body.

 Your Gut Instinct

You gut is your second brain and has just as many nerve endings as the brain so feed it well. You gut needs Probiotics. And a great source of Probiotics is in fermented food and drinks. Not the yogurt ones, the Probiotics in them are boiled to death.


Oh my god, Iodine is SO important! In The States they add it to their food but not so in Europe. In Europe we use to add it to the soil so it was in our food chain. But now, due to water treatment, and pesticides it can no longer gain entry into our food chain. And it is not added to food. So, my friend YOU NEED TO ADD IT! SuperValue sell Irish Atlantic Sea Salt that is fortified, I love it.