Information overload in the digital age - Blogger chat!

Hello Summer!

It is now summer here in Ireland and we actually had some sunshine during the week. I've been busy with Fleet and Flower, my other job (teaching) and learning. I am forever learning, reading, researching and looking for more courses to do. I suppose you're the same, a Googled question probably landed you here. 

My kinesiologist and realising how little I know about the metaphysical ( my business and blog's spine!)

So, yesterday I was at my kinesiologist. He is a natural born healer, intuitive and well read and even more well qualified! We got chatting about essential oils, gem infusions (they sound AMAZING by the way!), A course in Miracles, organic cosmetics, meditation, reiki, intention....and for everything I knew he knew a lot more. A lot LOT more!

Don't compete - create

I never get competitive; just creative. I turn my creativity into learning and producing a pretty insta or blog posts or making the best organic perfume and meditation oil I can. 

But yesterday, for the first time in a long time...I felt overwhelmed. 


Information overload!

All of his knowledge out shone mine and made me realise there was more to learn and then share here. If my business is about using oils and Eastern technology to bring spirituality into mind-body then I will need to research a lot more. A lot LOT more!

More in all things yoga / meditation / chakras / essential oils / ACIM / spirituality / metaphysical. And you know something? I wanted to give up.

But I won't.

One of the MAIN aspects to meditation is being OK with a little bit of discomfort while having an intention and purpose and divinity.

I am going to face my shadow-self, who feels she is not enough, and re-adjust so that I can keep going and meet my goals. Come on, Rocky!

Rather than giving up, something interesting happened, I started to wonder if readers of this blog felt overwhelmed from all my info heavy blog posts? And then I started to look at all the info I consume online. Because I feel overwhelmed!  

On being selective in digital consumption

I cancelled some of the online courses and webinars I was going to join up. I unsubscribed from blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels about art, marketing, design, SEO, branding, identity, metaphysics, selling. And I allowed space into my life. By not blogging or sharing as much online I hope I introduced space into followers online time.

I will never know enough. Heck, I don't even know enough about my own meditation oil's metaphysical qualities...I just know it's beautiful, it works, it's infused with love, reiki, and crystals. I know I did all the legal sides right. I hired the right chemist, bought the finest organic essential oils, the coolest containers, found the best accountant and insurer, met the EU legalisation, I even met the world-wide legalities. Yup, you can buy Rêveur from anywhere in the world! But I wanted to get that point across with an information laden blog. And now it's too heavy.

Being authentic and sharing what makes you unique

I am over being too research driven. As soon as I realised I will never know enough I had to be OK with being enough. Not in spite of this but because of it. Ya'know?

Wellfest is on in Ireland this weekend. And some of the people talking there are new to their fields, they have no academics to back up their online following and yet they are talking at a wellness festival. They know enough. They share. They try. And, most importantly they know who they are and they share that with the world. People aren't buying tickets to see them talk because they are blooming "experts!" They are buying into them because they are sound and real.

No more perfect digital social media shares

With that in mind I started posting my own pictures on Instagram. Pics of my office, my day, my dogs you get the idea. No more heavy handed curation. No more perfectionism.  I have space to be me and for my business to be an extension of me; balance. But I also have a proper blogging plan with content laid out and woah it has been so helpful. (blog post coming soon) 

It's exciting. I get to blog more...only more me with a heavy side of research too! Balance.

A Fleet and Flower Book lols!

A reader told me she has dog-nosed almost every blog post of mine to read later. She then confessed that later may never come. She said once she got online and there are option to click then that's what she does. So, instead she asked me when I was going to turn my blog into a metaphysical/spiritual/vegan book. (quick aside, I have been cooking some pretty tasty vegan recipes and plan on sharing them with you soon.)

I thought that was gas about the being a blog. But it did get me thinking, the books I buy now are from people I follow online. Be they food blogger, yoga teachers, gurus, writers, crafters. I love it as I am supporting them and learning. AND all the info they know is in one physical space with a spine and a heart beat. As much as I love the internet you can't beat a real physical object. (Which is what we will be incorporating into our online courses..more to come!) 

Anyway I thought it was gas as I use to be a book blogger and avid paperback writer wanna be. Sorry, I couldn't resist that reference! lols!

Gary Vaynerchuk says share you, your story and the climb!

A lot of the info I have here you can find online but you can't find "me" online. So, rather than feeling freaked out about researching all of this meta stuff I shall share "me" more. The behind the scenes. The start-up from the ground up. I will share all the high-brow info but I am gonna infuse a bit more me into it. After all, I make a meditation oil that has crystal infusions for goodness sake! . 

How do you learn new things? Would you often buy a blog's book? How do you support people you follow online?  How do you share while being authentic online?