It's a smudge stick for the soul

Handwriting in the Irish Education System

When I am in school, I side hustle as a primary school teacher, I do a lot of work on handwriting.

Now, mind you, my handwriting is not that great. I'm usually in a hurry, have a lot of little people needing attention plus handwriting as a core aim only became a big thing in recent years.

Pupils up to sixth class have proper handwriting copies. With phrases, kinda lame ones, that they must write again and again and again.

Children LOVE meditation, yoga, and anything mindful.

I give in to their bleating protests of closing the handwriting copy. But instead, I get them to do a 'mindful practice.'

I write phrases up on the board and ask them to write a page of them. And they do, without complaint. 

Here are some examples of heart centred writing phrases.

  • I am enough. 
  • I am loved, I love, and I am loveable.
  • My feet are firmly placed on the ground.


Setting up a business and teaching go hand-in-hand

So, I thought it was pure gaaaaaaaaas when I was setting up a business and saw how alike primary school teaching and business start up are!

My handwriting(!) phrase that I use again and again for Fleet and Flower is - It's a smudge stick for the soul. I use this to explain my artisan blended organic perfume oils. They are planned, designed to great detail which is alike the thematic yearly, semester, monthly, weekly, and daily plans that we do in school. Each essential oil is picked for this tone and how this will compliment the overall perfume blend - like an Integrated Flow diagram for school planning. ANd all of this perfume design is done keeping in mind the benefits of the oils rather alike to lesson outcomes!

 My organic perfume oils are potent, most essential oil based products on the market are a mere 2% concentration of essential oils. Fleet and FLower's organic artisan blends are at a 20% concentration of organic essential oils. That's like teaching three lessons of Irish in a day. Yikes!

Fleet and Flower - soulful, intimate perfume

As you can see from the home page and overcoming my fear of flying (and stress from being on teacher training practice) I wanted a product that had a potent benefit, an immediate essential oil and wellness fix, was portable, and was already blended. Fleet and Flower organic perfume oils are not loud or overbearing.

Fleet and FLower organic perfume oil are strong and yet intimate as the oils soak into your soul and give you that inner-mind calming helping hand, that pep in your step, that heart connection to mother nature, and you are left with a paw print where once a grizzly bear roared.  Michelle King

See? A smudge stick for the soul.

These perfume oils are not ego centred.

Our perfume oil blends are not meant to be garish and overbearing. These essential oils go to where they are needed most: your soul/heart/body/mind/blood system and not straight to the nose of the person beside you.

It took me a YEAR of constant explaining to narrow this concept down. To hit the nail on the head. To get the essence of the flower! But I kept at it. I kept talking about it when I would have rathered shrugged my shoulders.

If you think about something for long enough and expect to get an answer, then by god you do.


Florist Forest Organic, Irish grown CBD perfume oil

On and we just launched a new product! Blog post coming soon on the inspiration and design of this beautiful organic and Irish grown CBD oil based artisan perfume oil.

Hello Autumn. muuaaahh!

Michelle x

P. S. Is it too early to start planning for Halloween?