Just how expensive are the most expensive essential oils?

Just how expensive are the most expensive essential oils?

Well, here are examples of some of the most expensive:

 Chamomile Essential Oil (Roman) – $144/oz                                                                  

 Champaca Essential Oil – $2,256/oz That is twice as expensive as GOLD!

Tuberose Absolute Essential Oil – $1,645/oz                                                                  

 Frangipani Absolute Essential Oil – $1,482/oz                                                                        

Cannabis Flower Essential Oil – $946/oz                                                                        

 Agarwood Essential Oil – $850/oz                                                                                            

Rose Essential Oil (Bulgarian) – $700/oz                                                                              

Seaweed Absolute Extra Essential Oil – $650/oz                                                                     

 St. John’s Wort Essential Oil – $108/oz                                                             

 Elecampane Essential Oil – $560/oz                                                                                  

Sandalwood Essential Oil (Indian) – $429/oz                                                                                  

Neroli Essential Oil (Orange Blossom) – $354/oz                                                                

 Helichrysum Essential Oil – $186/oz 

ROE as of COB 24 May 2017 is USD 1 : EURO 0.89

Where can I buy cheap essential oil?

Most pound shops or basement bargain shops have cheap essential oils. Tesco, Lidl Aldi, Target, you could buy them online and filter to cheapest, most convenient and cheap shops have cheap oils: But these oils are more than likely just fragrance oils. Which are chemicals made in a lab and not actual flowers grown in a field.

And even if they do have a tiny portion of actual authentic essential oils they are probably not organic. So you are getting a potent product mixed with concentrated levels of toxins. So, beware!

You can get natural essential oils that are made of actual flowers and herbs and are still reasonable but buyer beware; organic is always best. But if you cannot afford organic then at least make sure you buy  a good quality product. 

What essential oils do Fleet and Flower use?

The best: completely organic, natural, toxin-free, and not therapeutic grade but food grade. organic essential oils ;It takes a fleet of flowers to make one drop of our highly concentrated ethereal perfume oils. (Side note: we use a 20% concentration of essential oils in our blen most "essential oil" products use just 2% to 3%. It was great having the freedom to make a product to the exact strengths I wanted and send off my formulas to our cosmetic chemist and getting the safety cert)