Karma's a bitch! How to make karma work for you.

But why the word "bitch?"

It personifies the concept of Karma. 

As I grew up a bitch meant a woman who stood up for herself by not doing what others expected of her. If you go against the expectations of others in a patriarchal  society then you may become known as a bitch. 

Let's look at the word more. If people complain, one could say they are bitching. The word can be used as an insult, it is vulgar and offensive. It also means to be in ownership of a person, 'You are her bitch.'

And the word is feminine and so karma becomes a woman.

So, here we are comparing the universe getting you back for your "bad" behavior and using a feminine word to do so. How odd and very sexist.


But did you know that this belief in karma is actually calming?

Yup, if something goes against your wishes, that is out of your control anyway, this lack of control can be unsettling. But if karma can be pinned on it then great! By assigning it a name this moralist Big Brother universal control we gain control.

But are we also assigning karma a gender? And if we are then is that normalizing this universal "bad" karma  to the female sex? 

Religion came out of this need as the human concept of arbitrary pain and suffering is too much for many to bear. We need a moral order. 

But, there is always a but, this religious concept of karma may, in fact, be keeping us happy with our lot. It could even prevent us from fighting for justice. And seeking more from life.


And it could also prevent us from liking people who are more misfortunate than us. If someone has a run of bad luck then they must somehow deserve it, cause don't cha know, "Karma's a bitch." And here we are thinking that the universe is helping us become more humble through a good dose of reality - all the while lighting candles, knocking on wood, blessing ourselves to appease these moralist gods and somehow gain some control of our own fate.

Having a sense of control is a good thing. I would rather light a candle and hope for good days than face the blackness of a meaningless nothingness. Lighting a candle, if done properly, focuses you on what you want and what you don't want. Focus, determination, and concentration are the KEYS to mastering your universe. 

Karma may be a bitch out to right the wrongs but I say, "Own your karma." Let's let go of the feminine karma and take ownership of it. Give Karma a pronoun and take away its sex.

Karma is MINE. I own the mistakes I made and I will learn from them. I heard a great phrase years ago at a Kinesiology workshop, 'When it hurts enough you'll get up off that nail.'

Now let's take action! Let's light the candles, focus our brains and concentrate on what we want to happen and let go. 

I know. I KNOW! You need a plan. No. My research and chats with all of these alternative practitioners lead me to one answer - invite the space of the universe in. So Candle, Focus, Concentrate on what you want. And then live your best life. Laugh, play, stay curious, and you will find your way. It's just like the creative process. 

This week we have been finalising the design for our organic, essential oil, vegan, cruelty-free perfume oil, polishing our Good Manufacturing Policy, and even playing around with our candle oil.

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Also look out for some documentaries about him on YouTube. I must make more time to watch them for myself! Let me know if you have found any good ones - Fleet and Flower hangs out on insta.