Kildare Shopping Village and Black Friday. Blogger chat.

There's been a lot of content written on the auld blog lately so when I went on a day trip I decided to take you along.  I will call these personal posts - Blogger chat.

Expect lots of pictures. I left the fancy camera at home but my phone took some darn cute shots!

We headed to Kildare Shopping Village yesterday for Black Friday. Kildare Shopping Village is about an hour and bit from me, highway most of the way.

It's a luxury shopping outlet with discount prices. We didn't go there to shop 'cause if I like something I buy it as soon as I see it and don't wait a few seasons for it to be discounted. Girlfriend knows she's worth it. But the village does have the pretty factor down. And excellent coffee. And as for the wreaths on the shop fronts, heavenly.  Just look at Starbucks one.  Classy. 


Joe's Coffee is sublime. I was lured in by the sleek space. It reminded me of holidays in Copenhagen. And their coffee, The Barn, is roasted in Berlin. Um hello, that was my favourite city break of 2014 so I took that as a sign to take the coffee for inhouse and grab another one for takeaway. 

The Hubby headed straight to the sports shops while I got an organic donuts. These artisan donuts use local producers for their toppings. Genius! And so tasty. The chocolate topping is made by Lily O'Brien and the salt topping is from our own Atlantic ocean. High prices but so worth it. We even got some boxed for the road home. I loved that they weren't coasted in sticky sugar and didn't make me feel sleepy after eating them. I don't think gluten is anyone's friend. The sun was out in force despite it being FREEZING and my bomber jacket was zipped tight with a scarf that doubles as a blanket. lols!

The shops were roasting though, so that extreme in temperature is a pain. TG I brought a new fruity perfume oil I've made. It's in test phase so anytime I put it on I sniff it, rub it, smear it on and give the bottle a good shake to get those essential oils  mixed. So, I pulled out the perfume while in the queue in Superdry and it is always gas to see how people stare at it. I suppose the container is pretty and you never usually see a roll on perfume. BUT, the only reason I tellin you this is because of...I'll write about it later. Let's look at some pics first.

There were Christmas all the way up the cobbled path. Kildae village is small enough but for Irish standards it's a snow-globe of pretty. I wonder if it will result in the rest of Ireland to up its festive decoration game. Here's hopping, you guys. 

I love the shops, vee reminiscent of a seaside Swedish village. 

Anyway, when I put on the new organic perfume oil in a really hot, sweaty, and kinda smelly queue and people were staring I realised that it smelled amazing. Now, I consider this a subtle perfume. yeah, you get a beautiful smell and people around notice. But, in this queue the smell filled up the space as if I had spilled a forest of fruit and spices. Everyone noticed. And everyone appreciated it. They had their eyes on me and one lady started chatting to her friend about the cool bamboo container and wondering what it was but it smelled 'like Harry Potter!' I felt as if I had done an act of public service! lols

It was festive with good bargains and a lot of good barista coffees. Black Friday is a relatively new concept here in Ireland and yet everywhere was jammers. Although in my picture below the path was empty as the shops were full. We had to wait in line to get into Superdry. And another queue to pay. I fell in love with a hoddie with a cool pastel floral design. I mean it was a sign for all things Fleet and Flower.

Joe's Coffee, The Barn, and some flowers. 

Organic coke, seriously it is devine. Have you tried it?

And do not get me started on my Alchemy salad.

I took a close up of the ingredients and hope to replicate one soon.

(don't cha love the word replicate, so Star Trek)

Back to my perfume story one last time. Next time you are in a shop and the queue is getting sweaty and annoyed then whip out Fleet and Flower organic perfume oil, roll it on and watch as the forest unfolds and people smile, or notice you have something special in your handbag. My perfume reminds me of the time I got my engagement ring. I had a costume ring and thought it was glorious but as soon as I got that ring you could just feel what was real, it felt heavier, made my heart sing. And what struck me as cool with using my perfume in the queue was that it seemed others could feel this too.

Chat later

Michelle x