Making our stuido / lab, at last!

Well this is exciting as we have finally decided to gather everything Fleet and Flower into our very own space.

Now, don't get ahead of yourself. This is an artisan business, a kitchen table start up. So when I say we are moving into our own space I mean that we are taking over a large room.


When I was writing the 'About us' and such info for the website I referred to it as a studio / lab but really it was my kitchen table and imagination of what my space could become.

I imagined it, talked about it, wrote about it, looked at other startups move from their kitchen table then into a room. But in reality my tools, equipment, essential oils, copper, plugs, tunnels, beads, envelops, boxes, labels, pamphlets, business legal papers, everything were dotted in different rooms throughout the house.

This meant that I was working in the TV room, then the kitchen for essential oil blending, and sometimes in the Broffice (bedroom office). And it was great until today.

Today, I didn't know where to start. I needed to finalise proofs on my perfume labels, order boxes for my copper crown, order my containers. Mainly computer work. But I didn't feel like working in the Broffice. I need to go offsite to buy more copper but that's in my plan for tomorrow. So, I found myself in the sun-room admiring the sunshine and reading a magazine. 

Which is work. Honest! I get a lot of ideas of blog post inspiration and stay current.

I am lucky I have a big spare room and it only dawned on my a few days ago to take it over. I think I was waiting to hire an office space in town. But my stock is small (and yet mighty) so I didn't really need an office space until I hire some full timers. Right now I outsource specialist work to agencies, I do all of the making myself. Still, the time has come. My crowns need a fancy shelf. My essential oils need to be organised into a cool box, my alt jewellery sorted, my hammers and pliers need to be hung up and all my copper straightened.

I decided this at 4:55 today and by 5:15 I had a plan, a to do list, the room cleared, and all my Fleet and Flower things gathered. 

I might take some pictures of before and after. I know that I am nosy and would LOVE to see before and after home office pictures.