Mediation in Primary Schools

No matter where the school is, be it in the heart of rural Tipperary or a city all these primary schools have one thing in common - they all know about yoga and meditation.

Not only do they know about it, but from what I've heard from other teachers; mediation is commonly used at home, in schools, after school clubs with children.

When I first started out teaching the children only knew about it from TV. It is a great testament to the teachers, parents, and social media that it is so common. 

How Social Media Helps Spread Meditation

Children have always learned from three sources: parents, teachers, and friends. The "friends" source has extended to social media and to friendly YouTubers who frequently blog/vlog about how they use meditation in their daily lives.

How to Teach Meditation to Children

As someone who has been meditating for years, I can tell you it is so difficult and yet so simple. Give them the benefits first; Have a look at this infographic below.

Get them to sit with both legs on the floor, hands with index and thumb in pinched position, eyes shut, breath deeply and listen to your breath, and then "OM" on they get used to it. Go into the mindful practice of meditation later, if they make noise, jump around, then that's OK. Just start. It is amazing. And it is something I have used as a lesson transition to great success.