Modern alchemy and Danish Design using Heidi and Eimear Varian-Barry as a case study

What is Alchemy?

Traditional alchemy is defined as the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.


Using alchemy in your business

Our cover shot is our new Rêveurs packaging. We wanted it simple, image based, a story unfolding, ethereal, cool...but never knew how to translate that. So these needs were noted and mulled over for about a year until one day a pencil was put to paper and this was drawn. It went from being a thought into a real live thing. A stem with leaves, the product name coming out of the stem, and on the top of the stem it blooms into the Fleet and Flower logo. We wanted space for customers to make the connection between the stem, the roller ball, the logo. And bomb! Actually, here is another pic of it. 

What is modern alchemy?

It has moved from chemicals to a spiritual energy. We are changing our base vibe/mood into gold through mind-body-divine connection.

Alchemy is the manifestation of energy — aligning life, love and purpose.

My insta of my Fleet and Flower desk

Heidi's love is alchemy

As a child I use to watch old black and white movies. I was never one for anything too new. So, when I got a video of Heidi it was my speed. Made in the 1970s it was slow moving and zoomed in on the craft of the Grandfather. I didn't understand what magic was but I knew that movie was about taking a raw lump, and loving it so much its shape appears out of the grain. The way grandfather carved so too did Heidi carve away at him. He changes from a recluse into a loved member of the community. That movie also taught me not to judge people and apply labels on them the way Clara had on her. Most around her insisted she was crippled for life. But not Heidi, no she knew she could walk.

Alchemy is not about lighting candles in a practical order, or chanting specific words. Change though love and a practice of mind-body-divine connection.

Alchemy is normal not alternative

Despite this blog and the mood board of instagram I am not into anything too "alternative" I am just into the truth. Sometimes people go out of their way to become alternative in order to be separated from others that are "normal". And there's no point in that. How to bring modern alchemy into your life in not necessarily through a ritual but a daily reminder:

  • Stay strong.
  • Stay true.
  • Stay simple.
  • And let space in.
  • Stay magnetised on what you want to see in the world without being too emotionally attached to the outcome. 

Danish design is alchemy at its finest

I love simple, truthful, and well thought out design. It doesn't add glamour it knows its intrinsic value and let's that shine. My favourite instagram profile is Eimear Varian-Barry Her shots are cool, toned-down, to the point, and honest. She leaves a space for the viewer to make their own story. Her authenticity transmutes her from a gorgeous blogger into an authentic artist where she shares her true self. 


And yet, becoming this simple is a complex process of unlearning. Oh to stay as truthful as a child. 
It;s 11:11 pm here and I am listening to Katy Perry - The Therapist on Viceland so chat later x