Vegan Myth Five: you will never taste cheese, yogurt, meat again

No more cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, meat, fish, chicken again. 

Well yes, this is true but it's not at the same time. Welcome to the world of substitutions.


 You can find substitutes! 

You can use nutritional yeast to make the most amazing cheese sauce, buy vegan burgers and sausages – you would be surprised at what you can find in your local shop.

Be prepared when you eat out. There may be very little you can eat. I get sweet potato chips and a salad from the starter or side menu and ask for them as a main. You can always drink a black coffee and then eat the snacks you brought with you such a dates, carrot sticks with  hummus. I will post more on that later. 

Fun tip:

Chop fresh organic herbs, blend with olive oil, then pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Add to any dish for a quick herbal splice. 

Eat, drink (water), and be merry!