Myths about Veganism

Myth One: Vegan food is just soggy vegetables.

Myth Two: you need meat for protein, vegans don't get enough protein.

Myth Three: Vegans are lacking in iron.

 Myth Four: vegans don't drink milk so they get no calcium.

Myth Five: you will never taste cheese, yogurt, meat again.

        I hear these all the time and I get questioned about my diet. No one asks the people eating just meat where do they get vitamins and fiber from. No one stops to ask the person who is just eating sweets and ice cream where they get their victims and minerals from and yet, if you are a vegan you get questioned.

But, honestly, all of these questions are just people trying to learn more about veganism. More and more people are curious about it. 

So, above are the most common myths and the types of things you get asked. I will research these myths and write a blog post addressing each.