On giving to charity, online courses, meditation, web development, and a mantra - Blogger Chat

Well, December was a soft month here in The Golden Vale, County Tipperary. I wonder though will it catch up with us in March rain? We got the keeshond groomed by the lovely Debbie Waggy Tails, Golden, Tipperary.

I used the dark mornings and nights as a chance to write more content for the site and well it was amazing to see Fleet and Flower bloom. 

Firstly, we got some fancy new pictures taken for the site.  We had such a joyous day today! A dear friend called over with the best equipment and ideas - click - click - click and now we have uploaded them onto the site. It feels more Fleet and Flower.

fleet and flower certified organic made in ireland perfume oil, meditation, copper, spiritual, vegan, online learning

We also update our policy page to include the next phase of our business - online courses! Squee! As I am a meditator and a teacher I get asked all the time how to teach meditation in a classroom setting. This seemed like the perfect time to get the ball rolling on our course development.  Our certified organic essential oil perfume policy has been moved to here.

I am sure you have gathered by now Fleet and Flower is a rather spiritual brand. Our products are blessed by local Reiki Master Eimear Phelan. Behold a page with her contact details should you wish to hire her for your own business or personal Reiki Healing session. 

fleet and flower certified organic made in ireland perfume oil, meditation, copper, spiritual, vegan, online learning

A new page has been built detailing our message; this is what drives the business. It is our ethos, our identity. 

A personal favorite of mine is our newly updated and polished page sharing our inspiration behind Fleet and Flower. I tried to take a "fine art student" edge when crafting this page. And I quite like it.

Another (yes I know!) new page sharing how we plan on driving this business to make a profit so we can give 10% to doggies! GRAI to be more specific. They rescue racing greyhounds. The page is called Giving Back.

fleet and flower made in ireland certified organic perfume oil, meditation, teachers

As I said earlier, we are heading in a spiritual direction. That was the driving force behind the perfume oil, which is why it had to be made with the finest certified organic ingredients at 20% concentration (which is high for a perfume oil, more products only have 3% concentration of essential oils!). We only want the best for spirit! Coming soon - guided meditation audios which you can buy for download. 

And in a later roll out we will be selling online meditation courses. So exciting to be able to share our natural gifts and talents. 

Now, all I have to do is write a press release and start telling the world. 

Thanks to my family and friends who have been so supportive, with your texts, calls, flowers, angel blessing, and reiki wishes I have really appreciated it. I cannot wait until we can gather and start helping each other with our spiritual/holistic businesses. 

If you have read down this far and didn't get sidetracked into our new glorious pages then your mantra for the next thirty days is -

                                                        I AM ENOUGH.