Online Yoga Classes - Yoga Download

Yoga is good for you mind, body, and soul. We all know that, but do we all practice it every day?

I don't. Heck, I have my yoga mat rolled out every day (follow Fleet and Flower on insta to see the mat in our daily stories) in the hope I will do a good thirty minute session. And yet...

What I want from a yoga class:

  1. Learn a little every time I go
  2. Handy, easy and yet challenging 
  3. to be able to take notes
  4. learn at my own pace
  5. learn new info every time I go
  6. A simple class with moves broken down
  7. Pause the instructor
  8. Rewind the moves!
  9. Practice each move until I know it and can practice it myself at home
  10. Know the proper name for each asana
  11. A slow learning over time of deeper levels of chakra/breathing with the asanas over time not all at once!
  12. Slow and easy yet like filling up a bucket fuller each time..

Yoga Download - hello!

And this is where Yoga Download comes in handy for me. It is an easy to use online yoga class. I get as much access to lots of types of yoga class. I can take notes, pause and practice myself. I can google something and then go back to the class. At first I wasn't sure about Yoga Download but the more I use it the more it just makes sense.

I still go to yoga class in Cashel and the Tipperary hills. I love going to class and meeting my other yoga devotees. It has helped me refine moves, know the asanas, and get daily practice rather than weekly.

Yoga Download has 97,156 fans on Facebook and has several different types of yoga disciplines, including.....KUNDALINI YOGA - yahoo! Kundalini yoga is known to be the best to see change in our minds, bodies and souls. 

You can stream the video at home and use on the go, it even has an app. Here at Fleet + Flower HQ we use it for a month now and really like it.